Brooklyn Bethelites under evacuation order due to hurricane Irene.

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  • blondie

    Maybe not PSL then, reslight2, but a large number of Bible Students left at that time over the New Covenant back and forth. There were not that many Bible Students to start with to have a group break off.

    History tends to be subjective depending on each side's version of the event.

  • RedCrayola

    Link to the audio clip
    I think it might be appropriate to share this audio from the 4-23-11 show in which Johnny was a no-show when publishingcult went on to confront both Rick and Johnny about the fraud they were perpetrating. Rick, again, is caught in yet another lie and showing his true colors. How sick do you have to be in order to support Fearon and think he is doing anything other than damage to honest apostates and validating every foul thing the WTBTS says about us?"

  • shamus100

    Hey Rick,

    How much money do people 'donate' to you?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I heard from Johnny. He stayed in the closet at Bethel, but he had snorkel gear in case of flooding.

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