Brooklyn Bethelites under evacuation order due to hurricane Irene.

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    Band on the Run

    Do they receive any benefits from being in Brooklyn? They don't mingle with the rest of the city. Everything I find so compelling about NYC, they would find repelling. I could see the harbor and advanced shipping lanes from NY but globalization and computers have changed much of the allure of NYC for manufacturing. Manufacturing is so rare in NYC. It is truly corporate offices and service industries. Moving to NY is necessary for many industries. I am surprised that they stayed as long as they did. Property values have been sky high for many years.

    Also, NY is the seat of the UN, which was super evil when I was a Witness. It is the epitome of a worldly society, much like Sodom and Gomorrah. They are not far from Christopher Street.

  • clarity

    I'm 'crossing my fingers'!

  • Honesty

    I hope God smacks the Watchtower's facilities with His mighty hand after all the bethelites evacuate.

    As for the Governing Body, I don't give a rat's ass if they evacuate or not.

    Maybe they'll stay and God will take care of them along with the facilties.

  • sizemik

    Who knows . . . it may even kick the guts out of newly zoned "residential" property values.

  • cantleave

    I hope Johnny's closet doesn't get washed away

  • blondie

    The WTS moved to Brooklyn in 1908 just after the first split from the WTS by PSL Johnson regarding Russell's change in the New Covenant teaching. I wonder how many members they lost at this time and how many groups in Pittsburgh were loyal to Johnson? Also Maria Russell's divorce from Charles Taze Russell was finalized in 1908.

    ***Proclaimers book

    chap. 5 p. 59 Proclaiming the Lord’s Return (1870-1914)***

    As the newspaper preaching gained momentum, the Bible Students looked for another location from which to originate the sermons. Why? The Bible House in Allegheny had become too small. It was also thought that if Russell’s sermons emanated from a larger, better-known city, it would result in the publication of the sermons in more newspapers. But which city? The Watch Tower of December 15, 1908, explained: “Altogether we concluded, after seeking Divine guidance, that Brooklyn, N.Y., with a large population of the middle class, and known as ‘The City of Churches,’ would, for these reasons, be our most suitable center for the harvest work during the few remaining years.”

    In 1908, therefore, several representatives of the Watch Tower Society, including its legal counsel, Joseph F. Rutherford, were sent to New York City. Their objective? To secure property that C. T. Russell had located on an earlier trip. They purchased the old “Plymouth Bethel,” located at 13-17 Hicks Street, Brooklyn. It had served as a mission structure for the nearby Plymouth Congregational Church, where Henry Ward Beecher once served as pastor. The Society’s representatives also purchased Beecher’s former residence, a four-story brownstone at 124 Columbia Heights, a few blocks away.


    A group known as the Free Bible Students broke off the Russell's group.

    First schism

    See also: Free Bible Students

    In 1905 Paul S. L. Johnson, one of the traveling "Pilgrim" speakers and a former Lutheran minister, pointed out to Russell that his doctrines on the New Covenant had undergone a complete reversal: until 1880 he had taught that the New Covenant would be inaugurated only after the last of the 144,000 anointed Christians had been taken to heaven, [48] but since 1881 he had written that it was already in force. [49] [50] Russell reconsidered the question and in January 1907 wrote several Watch Tower articles reaffirming his 1880 position—that "the new covenant belongs exclusively to the coming age" [51] —adding that the church had no mediator, but that Christ was the "advocate". He also taught that Christians making up the 144,000 would join Christ as a "joint heir" and assistant mediator during the millennium. [52]

    On October 24, 1909 former Watch Tower Society secretary-treasurer E.C. Henninges, who was by then the Australian branch manager based in Melbourne , wrote Russell an open letter of protest trying to persuade him to abandon the teaching, and calling on Bible Students to examine its legitimacy. When Russell refused, Henninges and most of the Melbourne congregation left Russell's movement to form the New Covenant Fellowship. Hundreds of the estimated 10,000 U.S. Bible Students also left, including pilgrim M. L. McPhail, a member of the Chicago Bible Students, and A. E. Williamson of Brooklyn, forming the New Covenant Believers. [50] [53] The group, which informally referred to members as Free Bible Students, published The Kingdom Scribe magazine until 1975. The group is currently known as the Berean Bible Students Church, with fewer than 200 members.

  • blondie

    NYC opening Hurricane Evacuation Shelters

    by Chris on 26. Aug, 2011 in Brooklyn Heights

    In anticipation that Hurricane Irene might hit the NYC area this weekend, the City of New York has announced that Evacuations Shelters will open at 4 PM this afternoon. Initially, this will be for Senior Citizens and other vulnerable people in the Orange Zone (see map in yesterday’s posting). This City will decided by 8 AM tomorrow as to whether a general public evacuation from one or more zones will be necessary. The closest Evacuation Shelter to Brooklyn Heights is at NYC Technical College, 300 Jay Street (@ Tillary Street).

    Hurricane #Irene UPDATE: NYC calling for evacuation of residents in low-lying areas

    by Chris on 26. Aug, 2011 in Brooklyn Heights, Weather

    The Mayor has said that residents in Zone A are advised to leave their homes before the storm arrives and are strongly encouraged to stay with friends or family outside an evacuation zone.

    Evacuation Centers will be open Friday at 4 PM for residents who have no alternative shelter. Full map after the jump. (more…)

  • thetrueone

    BIG DEAL everyone else in the area has been asked to leave as well.

    Wow Rick's pulled another nonsensical story out of his ass .

  • Gayle

    It's the Brooklyn Bridge Park in Zone A and west of Furman St in zone A, which is at a lower level than where the 124 Columbia Heights is. So probably 124, 107, 119, 129 would be okay. Don't know about their tunnels to some of the buildings though. Also, wondering about some of Squibb building parts, as is at a lower level also.


    Hurricanes,IceBergs and Johnny the Bethelite..

    Oh My!..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

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