Spooky Slumber Party Games: Bloody Mary, Light As a Feather, Ouija & Spoon Bending

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  • headisspinning

    I bought a book for my daughter called 'The Daring Book for Girls'. It's really cool and has lots of fun stuff in it but there's a section on Slumber Parties where they describe a few games. This has opened up some questions for me...

    The first game described is 'Bloody Mary'. I remember hearing about that game when I was a little JW girl and I was terrified! There are a few variations, but basically you go into the bathroom and turn out the light. Then looking into the mirror you repeat 'Bloody Mary!' anywhere between 3 and 13 times and something scary is supposed to happen.

    The next game is called 'Light as a feather. Thin as a board'. You get a group of 5 or 6 people in a circle around someone lying on the floor. Everyone closes their eyes and places there forefingers and middle fingers under the person and then repeat: Light as a feather. Thin as a board and then the person supposedly levitates.

    So, before giving the book to my daughter I decided to check this stuff out on Google. I really don't know what to think.

    These two games along with Ouija and also Spoon Bending Parties seem to all be topics of conversation with various opinions but no clear answers on how they work, or if they work or what is really going on.

    Since most of us have JW backgrounds, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts, experiences an explanations for all four games.

    Thanks guys!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I remember the girls at school playing "bloody Mary" and "light as a feather, stiff as a board",

    Rites of passage.

  • cantleave

    It's all mumbo jumbo!

  • PenelopePaige

    I don't think it's all a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Sure, most of the time nothing happens but sometimes it will and it's scary as shit. Once my kids and their daddy played the Ouija board on Halloween and that night when I went to bed (alone my husband was at work) something was breathing on me/ right in my face, I sat up, terrified. Nothing happened so I told myself I was imagining things. Went back to sleep / nothing happened/ very peaceful night. The next morning I went to wake my kids for school and when I went to my sons room he wasn't there (his room was RIGHT above mine) I walked down the hall to his sisters room and asked her where her brother was and she said, "He's sleeping on the floor, he came in here last night because something was breathing on him!"

    I hadn't told anyone about something breathing on me and with his room being directly above mine, I believe something "came in" and traveled from my room up to his. :O

    I've also heard of people lifting up with that "light as a feather" game. I mean, I've had honest sincere, normal people tell me they played that as a child and actually hung in the air.

    I know most of you don't believe in the Devil and that's a damn shame. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that he exists. Now go ahead and call me crazy......

  • FlyingHighNow

    We used to do seances. They never worked. They never worked. They never worked until one time one did, in my house no less. Scary stuff.

  • Violia

    I bought that " daring " book for my girls. It is a very cute book. I recall the light as a feather , stiff as a board one. We were never allowed to play with the Ouija-- now I collect them. I have never had any contact with the other side -that I know of.. I did have some cards once that were like the Ouija and they were very scary- so much so I got rid of them.

  • headisspinning

    To Violia: Why do you collect Ouija boards??

    To Flying High Now: Please PM me. I would like to hear you story.

    To PenelopePaige: I don't think you're crazy at all. Two people that I trust not to be 'crazy' (as you put it) have told me very similar experiences.

    I was just explaining this to my husband tonight... I'm really not interested in the paranormal or anything along those lines. But I was thinking that if there is no scientific explanation and some of these things DO work, then there must be some sort of spirit world in which case there could be a god...

    For those of you who know my story, in the span of 8 months I'm at the point where I really don't know...

    My guess is...

    Bloody Mary is an urban legend

    Light as a Feather is a scientific phenomenon

    Ouija is for real... a gateway to who the hell knows what?

    Spoon bending... hmmm... it could be science or it could be paranormal but I don't wanna mess with it.

    Any further comments would be appreciated!

  • Violia

    It got one and nothing happened so for fun-- I thought-- I'll collect them. I have 4 or 5, haven't looked recently. They are paper and cardboard. So far nothing has bothered me- so much for demons.

    Now I do believe in the spirit world and have had some strange things happen, but not ever connected with the Ouija board.

    lol now the goggle ads are Ouija board ads.

  • InterestedOne

    headisspinning - To add to your list in your last post, check out the history of the "ouija" board. I recall it being a relatively recent invention and has been explained by something called the ideo-motor effect. Here is a thread where some people posted some info about it.


  • NewChapter

    LOL---I remember those days. We did Bloody Mary---sometimes called it Mary Worth. You repeated the name several times, opened your eyes, and looked in a mirror. You were supposed to see her either murder her sister with a knife, or she her murdered. It changed from person to person. We even did it under the porch one time. Then we ALWAYS did Light as a Feather at slumber parties. On camping trips, we would do seances under the covers ( we camped in a cabin, and everyone was always up, so this was our way of isolating and blocking out light).

    Nothing ever worked. We always giggled. We always scared ourselves. Sometimes a prankster would do something scary and make us believe it was all true. Sometimes an older brother or uncle would figure us out and scare the snot out of us.

    I played with a ouija board outside late one night with our neighbors. We would go to our parents and ask if we could sleep outside (country living) and not tell that the kids next door were doing the same. Very silly, they always knew. Anyway while playing with the ouija, my neighbor and I caught eyes, and made a silent agreement, and we pushed the needle ourselves. We spelled out Uncle George.

    It was never anything more than young, creative minds playing with fantasy. Scary like a rollercoaster and always ending in laughter.


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