is it wrong to pray to die

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  • exwhyzee

    It seems there were those in the Bible who prayed in such a way. Throw your burdens on Jehovah...he himself will you sustain. I wouldn't think an understanding God like this would view it as wrong to pray for death when he knows you are praying for relief rather than out of a lack of appreciation for life. Everyone who is alive has wondered how it would be to be the "other way". It's nearly impossible to see our way around our problems if we look for a solution when we are (H.A.L.T.) Hungry, Angry, Lonley or Tired. Often one prays at the end of a hard day or when all other resocuces seem to be exhausted. If you pray for death because you feel God can bring it about for you, why not pray for something really good like greater coping skills or for him to lead you to a solution to your problems. How many of us can remember what we were worrying about at this time last year. Death is a permenant solution to a problem that may only be temporary.

    Is it wrong to pray to die? I don't think it's wrong to pray about anything on your mind. Part of the value in prayer isn't in the answer but in the relief that comes in having formulated our thoughts/worries into sentences rather than their being diffused random thoughts, draining us of energy and hope. Speaking to another trusted individual or even writing them out on paper is a great way to ease their urgency.

  • needhelp101

    thanks guys.... yea i have looked into depression several times cause i think i do have it... but like you said sizemik its hard to recognize it yourself. like i'll be fine and in a split secound am just hateing life. takess me dayss at a time to get over it, i cry myself to sleep cause i don't know what is wrong with me. and am good at hiding it noone knows about it, its just hard for me to open up to people, cause the last ting i want to do is trow my burden appon them.i think/know i need to see a doc but i cant, its just cant right now.

    i have nothing against the wittnesses and the kingdon hall. i dont interrect with anyone...just in and out kind of thing. wast raised in the truth just studied for almost 4yrs now, and it was/is the best thing i could have done.

    cause even way before i join i use to cut myself relly badly,and the person i study with is the only one i told and i love her and trust,she;s the only one i can really talk to. if it wast for her i would have long been gone. then sometimes i stop and think i should never have known the truth cause then i would not have been here.

    but i know theres something wrong with me and i just needed to talk to write to someone who dont know me and cant judge me. and thanks for the hugs

  • sizemik
    i think/know i need to see a doc but i cant, its just cant right now.

    May I ask why this is so?

  • PaintedToeNail

    needhelp101-I agree with sizemik and mouthy, please get some professional help, life can be such a wonderful and beautiful thing, and most of us on this planet are truly worthy to be happy. Depression can be such a debilitating thing and it can be helped-as someone who has been getting help for depression for 15 years, I can truthfully recommend getting real professional help-it will change your outlook.

    My very best regards,


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I've prayed in the past to die, but so far it hasn't worked.

    Needhelp101, it's great that you recognise that you do need help. PLEASE go and get it. Speak to your Dr, or any dr about it. It is NOT normal to want to die, so you need help to get to a more balanced outlook. And let us know how things go. Don't be afraid to post your thoughts and questions here.

    I wish you all the best!

  • trailerfitter

    I am sorry saying this,'.please don't think I am heartless but one pair of hands working is worth millions of hand clasped in prayer. Praying my not be effective.

  • doofdaddy

    In my long personal and professional life, I have experienced numerous people suiciding. I have no fear in confronting the issue. You don't want professional help but will post on a nonrelated site? You "believe" you may have depression? Get a grip. Cutting yourself is a massive gap to killing yourself.

    You want change rather than death.

    Guess who can make the change? You may call this judgement but I will call it responsibility.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    not sure if praying to die is very effective. odds are god won't kill you and you just feel more down because of concentrating on negative feelings.

    life is short enough anyways, no reason to opt out before the time has come. you'll die soon enough, so start focussing on the life you got and make it a good one.


    exwhyzee ''Death is a permenant solution to a problem that may only be temporary.''

    This well said. Once we have accepted the inevitability of death, either now or through old age, we have nothing to lose. We can live without fear and seek out things that we want to do.

    The option of ending it all will always be there but by living one day at a time we can often cope better than trying to make sence of our past and present life. We all live through dark times but they do pass if we are patient.

  • Bella15

    It is not wrong to pray to to die, but it is not okay in the medical sense to feel that way if you are not physically sick. From someone that has suffered from depression and got medical help I'd advise you to go see a doctor as soon as you can and be honest to him. It is terapeutic to talk to others, Doc understand, also confront anything from the past that may be a factor, silence is gold but also a killer. Pray to God to send you divine connections into your life, believe, and you'll see that things start to happen, you will meet people, will find a book, see something. Believe!

    It is a pitty that the person you were studying was not that involved and didn't take you to a doctor herself/himself after finding out. You have issues you need to deal with, by cutting you are trying to cope or grief over something maybe, if there is nothing in your upbringing, childhood traumas, it may be a chemical imbalance.

    I live in Houston, TX ... if you need some kind of support, I am here ... I will lift you up to our Heavenly Father in prayers and supplications, I will ask that He appoints an Angel over you ...

    A prayer for my friend... Lord, you've been with me all day And now unto the night May your presence still surround me As I begin to write I, too have walked this road, Lord And was quick to ask you why? Troubles were all around me So you gave me your reply You opened up my eyes to see The good you put in others Especially those that call themselves Our sisters and our brothers My friend, he wants to serve you He loves you, Lord, I know Listen to his cries, Lord Let your mercies flow Show him that you care, Lord As he seeks your face To guide him and direct him Help him understand your grace My friend, he needs your help, Lord He's a broken man it's true Come heal your humble servant Touch his heart anew I pray that all his cares, Lord He'll lay them in your hands And you'll lift his heavy burden And show him of your plans. Plans not to hurt him...but give him hope And a good future, too For his search's been with his whole heart And, your faithfulness is true.
    In Jesus' name ... 

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