is it wrong to pray to die

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  • needhelp101
  • needhelp101


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  • needhelp101

    i dont know i just feel like crap. i hate my life sometimes i think am living a double life. noone knows how i feel beside jehovah. i go to the meetings twice a week , thinking it woukld change, and i does not going to lie. but i still feel like crap i dont ask for much and dont bother anyone always a loner and would be but i dont mind. i always put people before my self and want to make them happy but i feel like noone care but tahts ok cause i know everyone have there own life. thats why i pray to jehovah is best i not live anymore, cause i dont see the point. got nothing to live for and thats just how i feel.when i pray for that then i feel a lil regret but thats how i feel, cant help it. and i dont know if its wrong for me to do that. am someone who dont shows my feeling on the outside am smiling but inside am dying slowly. thanks everyone

  • needhelp101

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  • Ding


    Thanks for sharing your feelings.

    Do you still trust the Bible?

    If so, try reading Romans and Galatians without any WT literature.

    I think you'll be surprised at what you find, and you may discover that the problem is with the Watchtower organization rather than with you.

  • needhelp101

    yea i still trust the bible. nothing to do with the religion.

    just me. but i would read and try to understand.......

  • sizemik

    needhelp101 . . .

    Your post speaks loudly for someone who is suffering from depression. It's not easy to recognise this in ourselves, and usually we reject the idea. However, this is a very common occurrance among JW's and many here including myself, have fought this battle and won. Talk to your Dr. about this and don't be afraid to be honest and open. Dealing with this first and foremost will then enable you to see things more clearly and positively. From this foundation you will see a much clearer view of the way ahead . . . and that it has the potential to be rewarding, fulfilling, and happy.

    Get it checked out . . . you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Trust me on this.

  • mouthy

    needhelp101<that is what you need right now so here is another one

    The only reason you want to die ( No I dont think it is wrong to ask God that)
    but it is because you are depressed, going to the WT meetings can do that to you.
    Go for long walks, see a counsellor & tell them how you feel Please talk to a DR
    I felt like that when I was "ousted" from the WT ( because I didnt believe Jesus came invisably
    in 1914....) quit the meetings look after your health.Try to read things that make you laugh
    I nearly killed myself when I was Ousted.But since then we have had a support group for EXJWS
    & over 700 have used it. All doing well enjoying freedom.I do believe Jesus Christ is the WAY!TRUTH & LIFE
    that is why when I asked HIM to be my LORD & Saviour ,I am FREE!!!! from beliving all everyone tells me
    But we are happy you joined us we all have differant ideas. That is why GOD gave us a BRAIN!!!!!TO THINK
    So my love lift that chin wipe those tears .your among family US!!!!!!


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Oh needhelp101...I really feel for's a hug from me too...

    Good advise here from sizemik and mouthy...I recommend that too...Please see a doctor, they will be able to help you to getting started on the road to feeling better.

    Just the fact that you have signed up and reached out to people here says a lot about you...It says that you are a survivor! And reaching out for help takes strength. Oh....I just want to give you a hug.

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