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  • Lozhasleft

    Hello and welcome. Glad you're here. The anger is inevitable. Its a stage we seem to all go through as we grieve the loss of years of our life. Thankfully it does pass for the most part. Keep sharing your feelings, it helps.

    Loz x

  • Theredeemer

    Thank you all for your hospitality!! What a vast contrast in attitude that these so called "wolves" have to the so called "sheep"!

    Yesterday, out of pure frustration, I revealed to my brother my true stance. That i was no longer intending of "trying" to come back one day and that not only was I out, im running out!! He said "Youre just going off your opinions and desires!!". I said "Nope..Im going off facts". He insist they are distorted facts, spun to suit a negative piont of view. Very sad when you realize the extent of the brainwashing we were all under.

  • punkofnice

    'allo and WELCOME to Theredeemer.

    You'll be ok with us. Keep in touch. We are a community that have been thru' the JW experience and spat out and spat at. Most of us anyway, we do get a couple of JW trolls visiting and spouting nonsense from time to time. Ignore them.

    Yet another JW divorce ay? We live and learn.

    The more you distance yourself from the WTB$ is the better you'll feel.

    I've been out a year now and as my family are 'in' it's been a bumpy ride but I am happier for making the break.

    Keep in touch!

  • cedars

    Redeemer - hello to you as a fellow newbie! It sounds like you've been window shopping on here for a while though, so in many ways you know the ropes better than I do. I only made a firm decision to separate mentally and emotionally three months ago, but (as I think you know) I am needing to keep my foot in the door for the sake of family.

    It's interesting that your experiences with the local body accelerated your turning to the "dark side" (to take the Star Wars analogy to its inevitable conclusion)! I had similar issues once I saw how human everything was the higher up you went, and how shockingly inept many of my fellow elders were at making decisions that had any element of mercy or common sense. Any ideas that I previously fostered that elders were appointed by Holy Spirit were shattered to tiny pieces very quickly. A body of elders is basically just a members-only gentlemen's club, with everything but the cigars and brandy.

    In one meeting we discussed a brother who had been "reaching out" for years to become a servant. He was getting on for 30. For years the body had been continually encouraging him and telling him he was "nearly there" but never actually appointing him for whatever reason. I saw that they were on the verge of passing him on yet again on one CO visit, so I decided to interject and highlight just how petty they were being. According to them, his recent dip in hours from 16 to 5 (or something like that) was enough to pass him on for another 6 months (you frequently hear that being said in these meetings, "He needs another six months!" -what??!!). I asked to look at his record cards, and when I was handed them by the CO I was able to prove that his dip in hours coincided precisely with his wife being hospitalised over problems with her pregnancy. To this day I know they would have overlooked this perfectly good reason had I not said anything. There are more examples I could cite of incompetance or downright wickedness, but maybe this isn't the place to do it!! Anyway, on a much smaller scale, you and I have seen for ourselves what Ray Franz saw - and it isn't pretty.

  • crazycate

    Welcome. I can relate to your feelings. I recently saw an old friend (who was really more like family) and after a passionate plea on her part for me to return, when I tried to respond, told me she wouldn't listen to any criticism of the organization. I managed to say one thing to her, but she told me I needed to be readjusted and should talk to the elders because they were guided by holy spirit. My advice? (Not that you asked and of course you don't need to heed.) Don't try to explain to them. They won't listen, they won't get it, and it will just cause you trouble.

  • Theredeemer

    Like all of you, I see more and more the Org becoming increasingly detached from reality. Very few are happy or satisfied with the "food" thats being prepared. One friend came back from the dc convinced that the end was right now and that if you are not close to the org you should just shoot yourself. Few weeks later...gambling trip to LA...WTF hahaha. Scare tactics only work the first few times....It is like when a parent does the Im gonna count to three bit...The kid learns nothing drastic happens after three..

    Armageddon=Hell...make belief punishment to keep people in just enough fear to give a sh!t...excuse my language

    When new light or big convention talks about the end, how close we are or how everyone should be doing a better job its org's way of saying "im gonna count to three and if you dont stop..."

  • skeeter1

    Welcome to our anger management self help group.


  • straightshooter

    Welcome to this wonderful group on this forum. Sad that you had to experience such pain as a jw, but that is the reason I and others are here.

  • jamiebowers

    Sorry to be posting so late, but welcome to JWN. As you go out and live your life as a free man, the anger you feel over the losses as a jw will lessen.

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