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  • sizemik

    Going from being highly regarded to a disappointment with your old friends and your family is a hard pill to swallow. It's a massive life-change and will leave a vacuum that seems to belie the wisdom of what you're doing. The psychological effect of going from a community where you're respected and accepted, into a world where you're just another fish in the sea, takes some getting used to. That's only natural . . . and it's not easy.

    What Ding said . . .

    As much as possible, try to focus on the present and on creating a better future.

    . . . is good advice. It takes time and effort. But in the end, what you DO from here will define you . . . much more than what you will ever say.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Anyway, Im sorry for rambling. I know that here i will not get judged. I hope to get to know some of you and look forward to imputting some ideas and opinions into this forum :)

    You're welcome to ramble. Some here might judge, but you can ignore them... I do. I hope to get to know you, too. I look forward to more of your ideas and opinions... as long as they agree 100% with mine.

    Don't neglect your studies! Posting on here can be as addicting as a combination of crack/porn... not that I would know about either of them... or at least one of them.



  • Bella15

    Do you still believe in the bible? In God? In Jesus? If yes, one thing that I learned to cope with the anger at the WT (which is like a ghost) was to ask Jesus to be my Prince of Peace on any given day when I felt SO angry, taken, used, violated, stupid, dissapointed, and many other negative emotions.

    By experience I can tell you that with time you will heal, but make sure you take care of your emotional being. Read about, talk to experts, develop different thinking patters, skills, etc. Love yourself and don't be so hard on you too. We didn't know better and truly our parents either or still don't. Don't get mad, get everythig! Get all the rights God Creator has given you as a human being, the right to be happy, the right to worship HIM not a CORPORATION, the right to get an education, the right to walk with him in Spirit, the right to know that you are LOVED just like you are, the right to experience every season of your life in its due season, the right to develop and use your natural talents, the right to be free, the right to test the spirits and see for yourself if what you were taught is the Spirit of Christ.

    Don't look back, press forward. What's done is done. If your family don't get it, it is THEIR LOSS. Take ownership of your adulthood and tell them: "Vaya con Dios"

    Congratulations on going back to school. Awesome!

  • Kensei01

    Theredeemer: Welcome!! I am new here as well. I also know how you feel, I have been through similar circumstances, and anger is one of them; although I haven't gotten divorced, but that's another topic. Your elder remark is right on the money, I was told something the same as well. This religion is run just like a business; I see the same techniques there that were used at the bank I worked at. I'm glad you got out, I haven't the courage yet, and my wife still believes but is weakening. I'm also happy you are able to go to school, I also identify with your question regarding 'why did I let them take my childhood away', I'm 47 and feel like life and it's potential has passed me too.

    Again welcome, you will find many intelligent, welcoming and humorous voices here.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It's nice to have you pop your head up at last.

    Welcome to our world.


  • shakyground

    What's up redeemer? I'm kinda new here too and you are a genius for that star wars analogy. Anakin didn't turn to the dark side until he was on the council and not allowed to be a master. Also me and countless others can probably relate to how Anakin had to hide his non jedi wife from the council at the risk of being kicked out of the jedi order(disfellowshipped) lol how many people had non witness friends and girlfriends that they try to hide from the congregation? lol I'm guessing many. I'm not even baptized, been studying for awhile but only recently started having doubts, cut off all my non witness friends and most of my fam are witness. For a long time the woman i'm seeing now used to always recommend going out and doing things that were way too close to the hall and territory and I always made an excuse as to why we should go do this for our date all the way on the other side of town lol. Like me you will probably get addicted to JWN lol I lurk everyday.

  • Ding
    Although ive managed to pick up the pieces from my divorce, back in school almost ready to start the nursing program, have an excellent job and finally come to terms with many things in my life enough to call my self a happy person, for them it is not enough. My hapiness is fake and, although I am a good person, loving and caring, I am a dissapointment.

    I know it's a painful experience, but it's really not about you.

    It's all about the Watchtower Society.

    To a JW, you CAN'T be a happy, good, loving, caring, and successful person unless you're a borg drone, and you don't have an identity except in relation to "the slave."

    For them to believe otherwise would cause the whole house of cards to collapse around them.

    I hope and pray that they will all soon wake up.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    I agree with Midwich "it was a case of two people who shouldnt have gotten married....Most witness marriages fall into this category."

    I am glad you met someone who can make you happy and that you found this sight it really has helped me.

    Just hang in there and keep posting.


  • Quarterback

    Hi, and welcome, TR.

    You had really invested a lot into the faith, and should be commended. Don't be too hard on yourself for the lost ti me. Don't blame God. It takes courage to really question and expect answeres from any belief system, especially with the leaders don't want you to do so.

    Funny thing, in the 50's when my mother was told by the Catholic Priest to not ask questions when JW's came to her door. She converted and was ostrasized by her Catholic Church. Now, that the tables are turned, the ORG are saying the same things to their members. So bizarre.

  • mouthy

    Welcome to the gang!!!!great to have you aboard. I am so sorry that you were raised in the cult.
    I was foolish enough to get in in my 20's Was a faithful JW for 25 years. I know the anger you said
    you felt. I dont blame you, but you see,if you keep the anger the WT still wins.
    Ditch it,!!!!! either get counseling, or TRY to not think of the years back. Look ahead, School GREAT MOVE!!
    Sure that is easy for me to say...but it took me two years to get the anger out of me.
    I am the granny on board...the oldest on board. The gang put up with me because of my age.84
    you can vent all you like on here,we have been there done that ...your among friends.
    Your young enough to start LIVING!!!!!!!That is what MY GOD> Jesus Christ died for you to do!!!


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