Has anyone's entire family come out together?

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  • Nickolas

    Well, I digress a bit, but hey, you know.

    A generous and enlightening digression, thank you. Sorry for what's happened in your family, though. The greatest problem I have with the Watchtower is the damage it does to families.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    To all of you who've exited with your families. Awesome!

    I hope to join this list one day.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My father dragged us to the KH. No one said a word against it, except me. When he died when I was sixteen, my mom said to get ready. I told her she would have to call the police b/c I would fight back if she dragged me. I was left home. After that meeting, no one ever went again. We never discussed it. TV was great.

  • AGuest

    Sorry for the loss of your dad, dear BOTR (peace to you!)... but WHOO-HOO that you and your family found your freedom from the WTBTS just after. Sorry, again, though, that it took what it did. Very sad, that...

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I awakened about 5 years ago. Kept my elder's hat for about 2.5 more years at which time my eldest child woke up first and within 6 months my wife and other kid(s) also woke up and smelled the cult coffee.

    My gay brother has been DFed for decades and he's the only extended family I have that are out.

    Free at last!!


  • shamus100


    Where are the crackpipes in that photo? Surely everyone who leaves the watchtower turns into crackheads.

    Congrats on leaving! I am very happy for you. :D

  • Mary

    Jim Penton got his entire family out plus alot from his original congregation in Lethbridge, Alberta when he got the Axe. A few years ago, he gave me a book that he had written that detailed exactly what had led up to his disfellowshipping. I believe that there were upwards of 80 people in his family and congregation that all left as a result of what happened to him.

  • caballoSentado

    I don't post, mostly read... but, yes... me, my wife and 3 children... My oldest son (25) completed his university studies and is working in the biggest bank in the country, my other son (19) is closed to finishing his university studies in the top 10% (economics)... my daughter (11) has good grades & loves life!.. Yes, we are happy together without the Watchtower

    Caballo Sentado

  • oompa

    i have one and half sons out....my youngest recently dfd son has been attending meetings but is now wavering on his return FOR SURE!!!....he is getting to experience NORMAL women for the first time....and he told me why he never dated jw girls...he is 23....he said he had no interest in marriage yet, and any jw girl he frikkin talked to and got friendly with thought he wanted to marry her!!!! not like that in the NORM....that should always replace WORLD here imo....if i prayed i would hope and pray that he has tasted enough of the norm to NEVER EVER GO BACK!!!.....

    and it is going to cost me a small fortune to get all the way out....as in remove all jw contact from my life....but i have gotten my only kids out....it will be worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....take that you flukkin family killing assholes!!!!!!!!

    yeah it could be used like.... SEX WITH THOSE IN THE NORM IS BETTER THAN SEX IN THE KINGDOM HALL!....hmmmm interesting thought....i may have to do a thread on sexual activity in the kingdom hall...parking lot.....or garage storage shed....lmao.............oompa....i know.....off topic a bit

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The Borg tries to break up families but it doesn't always succeed.

    Sept 10 Cult Free Radio will be on this topic.

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