Typical earthquake comment

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  • the-illuminator81

    Hi mom!

    Deuteronomy 18:22

  • sd-7

    I decided to read Matthew 24 again this morning. It occurred to me that the context of Matthew 24:7 shows that there'd be a lot of bad things going on, but that they in themselves--or even altogether--could not be taken as an indication of anything. The focal point of Jesus' advice was to keep awake and not be fooled by bad news reports or natural disasters or people saying Jesus is back. He starts off with "look out that nobody misleads you." That's the key. Earthquakes, according to him, were just the BEGINNING, not the end.

    Either way, just remember, Son of man shows up like lightning. Lightning ain't 'flashes of insight', and after all, people who are struck by lightning usually have memory problems if they survive. Might explain the GB's understanding of its own history...


  • zeroday*

    No problem Mrfreeze…even as a JW I would just roll my eyes when they would pull the "this must be it" when an earthquake or anything else would happen…

  • Bella15

    What I see now with JWs and other cults going crazy and way out of context after each earthquake or natural disaster is that when the REAL thing happens, they WILL NOT recognize it. They will not PERCEIVE it. When amazing things start happening to the country of modern ISRAEL and surrounding areas, they will dismiss those things.

    By the way, how you noticed when the "gospel of the kingdom" is preached ... is is after some persecution and people that endured is saved ... kind of in line with Rev. 14 ...

    This is an awesome subject for personal bible study ...

  • MrFreeze

    I never even bothered to respond back. I wish I could have a smart answer back but even when she is rude with me and says these kinds of things to put some sort of guilt on me, I just can't bring myself to show any sort of disrespect. To me, her saying this to me is calling me an idiot for leaving. "Hey, idiot, can't you see the signs of the times." In my mind I know all too well that she is full of it and I only wish she could see it. What kind of mother would insinuate that their kid is an idiot? The kind who is emotionally abusive, thats what kind. Thats what annoys me most of all.

  • journey-on

    We should all feel sorry for them. They live in perpetual fear. That cannot be healthy. I will bet nobody will miss field service this coming weekend, and every JW housewife on the east coast is out knocking doors this a.m.

  • stillstuckcruz

    ugh. My mom pulls the same crap. Every time some sort of disaster happens, she raves "bible prophesy" shaking her head like were all supposed to nod in agreement. I wont rule it out altogther but it certainly annoying because its soooo predictable.

  • simon17

    So just ask:

    "So do you believe God physically CAUSED the earthquake?" Yes will give them a lot of problems. Lets assume they answer "No."

    "Then what physically caused the earthquake?"


  • Morbidzbaby

    I made a comment on my FB about the JW's saying this was it and that Jesus said there would be earthquakes, etc. I ended it by saying it's so much bullshit.

    Apparently, my inactive aunt who still speaks to her disfellowshipped daughter and really has no room to talk thought that I was an embarrassment to my mother (who would never read my comment) and that I was saying stuff that would hurt her. This is an aunt who never had anything much to do with my mom and treated us like we were lepers for some reason. She was horrible to my mom growing up. So why the hell does she care? She said I should think before posting about something and laughing at something others believe in still... My sister-in-law posted that it's MY FB and I can post anything I want lol.

    Honestly, after that, I was pretty much resigned to being found out and DF'ed in absentia even though I'm no longer in the same state. Honestly? I kind of welcome it.

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