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  • ziddina

    FactFinder, I've got two copies of "Crisis of Conscience". Would you like to have the OLDER one - the one with the 1984 copyright date??

    I can give that one away because I have the fourth edition version...

    PM me your address if you want my old copy...


  • factfinder

    Thank you Zid! I'll send you a pm!

  • ziddina

    FactFinder... Got your PM, got your address, wrote it down and stuck the sticky note to the front of the book...

    Will send it out by Saturday if not sooner...


  • Alfred

    I'd say about about 10%-15% would leave immediately, followed by Nu-Lite at a Special Assembly assuring the remaining JWs that this was simply the "final test" from Jehovah in order to finally separate the goats from the sheep and clean his organization in preparation for the new system. This Special Assembly would, of course, announce a new DVD from the GB encouraging everyone to get in their final hours of field work before the final stretch has reached its end... many will sell their homes to spend the rest of their lives pio-sneering. These will be recognized in the KM as fine examples of what we should all be doing in the final days... recruitment numbers would show a slight increase. Eventually, those who sold their homes will run out of money, become disillusioned and leave the Borg. The WT will then accuse them of "conjecturing" or "serving Jehovah until a certain date"... lather, rinse, repeat...

  • ziddina


    Hi, Factfinder!!

    The package is in the mail - er, via UPS, actually....

    I've PM'd you the tracking number, but since it just went out today, the number isn't working yet - at least, I HOPE that's why it isn't working yet...

    I made the mistake of asking for a signature at your end - someone needs to sign for it, but it doesn't have to be your signature.

    Sorry 'bout that... I sure hope that doesn't cause a problem...

    Let me know if you've any other questions...

    Zid the brain-fart She-Devil...

  • flipper

    Hey, Mrs. F. posting a message from Ziddina - she broke her computer and will be offline for a few days, possibly a few weeks. If you don't get the book she will re-send it.

  • ziddina

    My system is working... For the moment... Oh, and a HUGE THANKS to Flipper for posting that notice!!

    Book Book Book Book!!!

    Did the book get there???

    Zid of the Limping Computer...

  • ziddina


    Fact finder, DID THE BOOK GET TO YOU???

    Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  • ziddina

    Fact Finder....

    Paging Mr. Fact Finder....!!!


  • ziddina


    I just checked the tracking number, and the book has BEEN RECEIVED!!

    Yippee skippy!!

    Now I can stop worrying about it... I'll bet Fact Finder is so busy reading, he hasn't had time to be onboard...


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