Attention Governor Perry: Evolution is a fact - R. Dawkins

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    Darwinist demands Darwinian litmus test

    Right here, right now?

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    It would have been nice if his artile did a little less of explaining why evolution was a "good theory" and giving some of the ample evidence that supports the theory. You can have very good hypothesis that are very simple but also that are wrong. Evolution is not good because it is simple. It is good because it is backed by all the evidence. Gravitation would probably be simpler under Newtonian theorization. But facts suggest Einstein has the correct theory of it afterall, as an example.

  • unshackled

    Washington Post today posted another response to the same question Dawkins addressed. This one is by Paula Kirby, who I think proclaims to be a former Christian. Her take is that evolution threatens Christianity....

    I won't post her entire response, but here is a paragraph:

    But of course evolution poses a problem for Christianity. That's not to say it poses a problem for all Christians, since many Christians happily accept evolution: they see Genesis 1 as merely a metaphor, and declare that if God chose to create us using evolution, that's fine by them. I used to be this kind of Christian myself; but I must confess that my blitheness was only possible because I had only the vaguest possible idea of how evolution works and certainly didn't know enough about it to realize that unguided-ness is central to it. While I welcome anyone who recognizes that the evidence for evolution is such that it cannot sensibly be denied, to attempt to co-opt evolution as part of a divine plan simply does not work, and suggests a highly superficial understanding of the subject. Not only does evolution not need to be guided in any way, but any conscious, sentient guide would have to be a monster of the most sadistic type: for evolution is not pretty, is not gentle, is not kind, is not compassionate, is not loving. Evolution is blind, and brutal, and callous. It is not an aspiration or a blueprint to live up to (we have to create those for ourselves): it is simply what happens, the blind, inexorable forces of nature at work. An omnipotent deity who chose evolution by natural selection as the means by which to bring about the array of living creatures that populate the Earth today would be many things - but loving would not be one of them. Nor perfect. Nor compassionate. Nor merciful. Evolution produces some wondrously beautiful results; but it happens at the cost of unimaginable suffering on the part of countless billions of individuals and, indeed, whole species, 99 percent of which have so far become extinct. It is irreconcilable with a god of love.

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    This is why scientists should leave politics alone.

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    This is why scientists should leave politics alone.

    Yes.. meddling in politics should be left for religion alone. Nobody with a non-Christian world view should be allowed to express a political opinion.

    - Lime

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    Sam Whiskey

    Perry gaining some serious steam with the help of the Tea Party... Go Perry!

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    Yes- Go go Perry...back to School and Biology 101

  • OnTheWayOut

    When polled a certain way, a majority of Americans might very well say they believe in creation, they might even say they believe in the literal application of the Genesis account.

    But when asked another certain way, the majority will say that they believe dinosaurs lived on earth millions of years ago. Very few believe in the absolute literalness of Genesis unless they can ignore the parts of it that are inconvenient.

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    God bless America!

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