Testing, testing, testing.....Jehovah TESTS?

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  • Terry

    A classroom teacher has to administer tests. Why? The teacher doesn't know who is learning and who isn't or how much.

    A Test pilot flys a new jet to determine what strengths and weaknesses correspond to the design because nobody knows how close

    the manufacture of it came to the ideal.

    Fire drills are a test: can everybody exit in an orderly fashion in a reasonable amount of time in case there is a fire.

    If you think you may be pregant you take a pregnancy test because you won't know for sure otherwise (unless you wait 9 months!)

    What all the above have in common is the element of IGNORANCE. What we DON'T KNOW we have to TEST to determine.

    Tests go hand in hand with ignorance.

    Just like the old saying: The exception proves the rule. (Prove in the sense of a proving ground or testing of..such and such).

    With this firmly in mind we now ask: DOES JEHOVAH TEST MANKIND?

    Is there ignorance on the part of God that He should need to work out?

    Does the Supreme Being lack knowledge? Is deity limited in some manner?

    Take a simple act of flipping a half dollar. The possibility is binary. Either (heads) OR (tails)...a mathematician will tell you there is 50/50 chance.

    But, this applies only to an INFINITE number of flips.

    Did you know that in the short run (thousands of flips) an amazingly counter-intuitive run of ALL heads or ALL tails can happen?

    Have a favorite number like your birthday or Social Security number? What are the chances it is contained in PI (ratio of diameter to circumference of a circle?)

    Number LengthChance of Finding
    6Nearly 100%

    Happily, if you include the zeros, birthdays are 8 digits long -- so you have a 63% chance of finding your birthday in the first 100 million digits of pi. Now that we're to 200 million, the odds are up to 86%, so it'll be a while before everyone can find their birthday in Pi.

    What has any of this got to do with the question: DOES JEHOVAH TEST US?

    We really have to understand the NATURE of what is predictable and what KNOWING really would mean to an INFINITE being such as GOD.

    So, why do I ask?

    I propose that Jehovah CANNOT KNOW (in the short run) what mankind will do SPECIFICALLY. Only in the long run is the species predictable!

    Why? WE HAVE VOLITION! We aren't purely rational. Many of us are illogical.

    What conclusion can we reach, can God reach WITHOUT EXACTLY THE RIGHT LENGTH OF TEST?

    Six thousand years of human existence is NOT LONG ENOUGH for Jehovah to determine if mankind can turn itself around and embrace the ransom sacrifice of Jesus!

    To STEP IN and interrupt the flow of natural history would be to DENY FREE WILL unnecessarily.

    There is a mathematical possibility that all of humanity MAY WELL christianize itself.

    Just like searching the irrational number of PI for a particular...specific...possible#

    Does this sound ludicrous? Well, tell that to your Puritan forebears who came to the New World with JUST THAT INTENTION!

    A shining City on a Hill is what America would be and all nations of the earth would want to emulate it and become christian!

    Yes, that was the plan!

    So, predicting ARMAGEDDON in the short run (mere thousands of years) cannot provide Jehovah with the data.

    Armageddon must wait until a sufficient number of generations has transpired!

    Consider this:

    At every moment, right now for example, there are women somewhere on this planet GIVING BIRTH.

    There are approximately 216,000 babies born every day in the whole entire world.

    (Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_babies_are_born_in_the_world_daily#ixzz1VnbjtijI) If Armageddon came RIGHT NOW--those babies have NOT HAD A CHANCE to choose or deny JESUS! If you give them a pass---they won a lucky jackpot or FREE PASS! If you destroy them....such as in Noah's Day...life is a crapshoot and Justice is illusory. Why would a Supreme Being arbitrarily cutoff opportunity if LOVE of MAN is motivating His mercy? Either you give everybody a pass or nobody a pass. Justice demands it. Mercy demands it. Either way! This is why Armageddon doesn't come when all the "signs" are there...........those signs COME and GO with regularity! Today's "signs" are convincing ONLY BECAUSE we cannot see the even BETTER signs next year, next decade..next millennium!! Your thoughts?

  • N.drew

    I'll be damned! I understand either or, then not much. Math is sexy,

    do you do math on purpose? Is math linear? I don't believe truth is linear.

    So, is Arma getin out of here coming soon? I think it broke up into pieces,

    so part of it is here and part of it was there and part of it is coming later

    than sooner. Did I get it right?

  • N.drew

    Sorry! That was a rhetorical question. I like math because

    it is like listening to a foreign language.

    Some proof perhaps that a creator exists-some people get

    math some other people don't know math at all.

    How the discrepancy? We are not the same, but so different

    for making life interesting? Who would DO that? A particle of matter?

    How would it KNOW?

  • journey-on
    There is a mathematical possibility that all of humanity MAY WELL christianize itself.

    This one sentence triggered a thought after I read your post and re-read it the third time. Pardon me if I have misunderstood your intended points of discussion. But, sometimes your posts starts the old brain synapses connecting and there is no stopping them, thank you very much :-)

    If God is a sky-daddy type entity (which I do NOT believe), then there is never a time when He could be completely fair (according to man's definition of fair) in His judgment of mankind. 216,000 newborns everyday? There would have to be a complete cessation of births for at least a generation in order to allow individuals to live long enough to accumulate enough Life to be judged.

    Then the phrase 'critical mass' came to me. Before God supposedly destroyed the world during Noah's day, he announced, in so many words, that the world had reached a critical mass, a defined threshold that had been crossed toward the side of evil. That is like a point of no return where societal breakdown ensues and continues unabated toward complete darkness, chaos, and evil. He judged the world unworthy of continuation, making reluctant exception but for one righteous individual and his family. His judgment at that time was not toward individual men, but toward the whole of mankind as a species. The world started over, and evidently has never reached that tipping point toward evil again (if you believe the Noah story literally).

    Is there ignorance on the part of God that He should need to work out?
    Does the Supreme Being lack knowledge? Is deity limited in some manner?

    Now, otoh, if you see God as the Consciousness of Love, or the Intelligent Creative Principle of Love, or the Force of Perfect Love, or the Essence of Divine Love-Power-Wisdom-Justice, then you are able to intuit that mankind has work to do toward perfecting this love within ourselves and our species until which time critical mass toward light, peace, and righteousness (right living) is reached. When this threshold is crossed, only then will we see Earth return to its true state of paradise and man living in real peace (Christ Consciousness) with one another.

  • thetrueone

    Today's "signs" are convincing ONLY BECAUSE we cannot see the even BETTER signs next year, next decade..next millennium!!

    Taking a logical and evaluative look at human history, one would come to the conclusion that the greater significance of the

    supposed "Signs " has already passed. Something the poorly educated devout JWs never realize or comprehend.

    The " signs " were a great marketing tool to exploit though for the WTS. and to instill enough fear to control people's emotions.

    Its just a case of remorseful sorrow for those people who were brought in a different faith such as Islam or Judaism

    from their family upbringing because they are going to be whacked dead with no future hope.

  • Botzwana

    He already interupted the test though. He said he would leave man alone to figure all this stuff out. By changing the languages during the time of Nimrod the test is already inconclusive. By interfering in the flood of Noah´s day he has put himself into the test. I have other examples but that is the gist of it.

  • N.drew

    In case you might be talking about the "sign" of Matthew24:3. It does not occur again.

    Jesus was alive. His disciples recognized the importance of him and themselves

    and what they would do. But they knew the world did not recognize Jesus.

    They also knew he was the savior of the world, so they asked him what will be

    the sign that the world will know that he is and when what they were given to do

    would consummate. The sign is it not his death? I believe it. Did not the warning

    "look out that you are not misled" mean there is no guarantee that we also will

    accomplish the kingdom come? Jesus accomplished his part. He is helping us

    accomplish our part, but we must not be misled. "Do not fear little flock

    Jehovah is well pleased to give you the kingdom" http://biblos.com/luke/12-32.htm

  • thetrueone

    To the WTS. the Big Test is whether or not your completely supportive of his (God's) earthly organization (WTS),

    If you shun this organization, then you will surely not past the Great test and will be killed, quite soon according to the WTS.

  • N.drew

    Thanks for the warning! By the by, they are shunning me,

    I am not shunning them. I try to make it a habit not to shun,

    although I like the sound of it, sort of British "shun".

    I figured them out a long time ago. I read the book by Franz.

    AFTER I left. I went in for Bible study and came out for Bible study.

    That is what I do. Do you?

    Your words match your picture,

    you are a joker. Doesn't everybody like Charley Brown?

    I am not here to be liked. Can you tell? So Charley "thetrueone" what do you

    think about that threat? ( I think they are funny.)

  • N.drew

    Watchtower has disappointed me a hundred different ways. They twist scripture

    which is my favorite thing in the world. So I don't like them. Even if it was true,

    that I must side with them for my everlasting life, I would not. I got kicked out

    of Bible Discussion because of them self righteous two faced brats who are

    whatever they are because I told the truth. I wouldn't be happy to live 2 weeks with

    the "survivors" if that was so. I'm going to die. But like God's faithful men and

    women (real ones) I will die satisfied with days. In Jesus Christ's name. Is that trolling

    if they are not here? And if they really are two faced brats, is it still trolling?

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