Freshly dead JWs were NOT living "in the time of the end"!

by Nathan Natas 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Thank you all for adding additional "meat in due season" to the pottage I sod ( Genesis 25:29 KJV) .

    Yes, poor dead Roger was a faithful witness most of his life, taught in the ways of Jah by his surviving and grief-stricken mother.

    According to the WTB&TS he was a "true Christian." According to the WTB&TS this means he had one of two hopes: heavenly or "great crowd" of Tribulation survivors.

    But now poor Roger finds himself demoted to the hoi polloi (greek: "the many"): those who might be resurrected.

    Roger lived and died thinking he had a ticket to the tribulation. Sorry, Roger. No rainchecks, no refunds. No soup for you!

  • Terry

    Well, now...

    First of all, there is no IS.

    Meaning? Taking away the "Time of the End" is like attacking Santa Claus.

    Adventists thinking is the foundational premise for Jehovah's Witness activity and theology.

    They will (and have) interpreted every single refutation of every stupid thing they've ever said TO MAKE it come out THEIR way.

    You can't disagree with a crazy person.

    The GB will say "for the dead person it was THEIR time of the end." And that will have rich, deep meaning.

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