Shunned by the window washer

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  • flipper

    LDRNOMO- Yeah, I agree with Mrs. Jones & others, time to find a new window cleaner . I think he probably feels fearful that you'll indoctrinate him in anti-witness thoughts if he cleans for you again. Probably an elder or someone with knowledge of your situation has told him that you and your wife are " dangerous " to be around. WT society reps are ALWAYS instilling fear into these people. It's one of the main tools they use as Witnesses " thought police ".

    Hang in there with it- I stopped attending almost 8 years ago and people have said everything in the book about me that they've claimed to have heard people say , that I'm a " leaning apostate " , that " I'm disfellowshipped " , I'm " bad association " or " drifted away ".

    Fortunately you've been able to move on with you & your wife's life so you have authentic friends now who accept you for who you are unconditionally ! Be thankful for that. Take care bud

  • Hortensia

    You don't really know why he turned down the business. Doesn't matter. Time to find a new window cleaner.

  • Nickolas

    It does sound an awful lot like you've been assigned a label and he's had a shepherding call or a chat from one of the elders about associating, even in a business context, with someone so-labeled. There are lots of other window washers out there.

  • skeeter1

    Jean Luc, I spit out my tea reading your post! Too funny!

  • OnTheWayOut

    You've shown him that you are not so petty as to stop using his services. But he doesn't do the same for you. Move on and feel proud of that.

    I had to deal with losing my JW best friend. I finally reached the point of recognizing that I was there for him, but WTS is still in his head. I let go and wish him well and will be there for him if ever.....

    Besides, you wouldn't want to be supporting any pioneer work.

  • AnneB

    I think you should ask him outright. Speculation (your own or someone else's) is worthless.

  • sizemik

    My instinct tells me that four years of taking your money hasn't bothered him until now. I agree with what Flipper / Nickolas hinted at . . . someone else (possibly an Elder) has got wind of the situation and leaned on him. I had that happen to me frequently.

    His loss really . . . there are plenty of window-washers in the sea.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    LMAO... reminds me of Seinfeld... the Doorman episode......

    Elaine: Oh tell me what did the Doorman have to say?

    So the Window Washer doesn't need my buisness........

    Have A Great Life Window Man ............ nice Tower you live in...... for someone Who Cleans Windows LOL

  • LongHairGal

    LDRNOMO: I think you are getting the brush-off because of your status. I have a similar situation with a JW and even tried to give them a way out by suggesting they could pass me on to somebody else! You can always find another window washer. Be glad it isn't the other way around. If you were an ex-JW with a business you would be far MORE vulnerable! You don't have to crawl up anybody's behind. In this day and age, I believe any paying customer is good and it is not a wise move for anybody to turn down business. I wonder if this superfine JW realizes that this religion is not going to feed him if his business fails!

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