Awakes left at work....

by charlie brown jr. 26 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Chariklo

    I watch ants for fun. What's wrong with that?

  • jookbeard

    the magazines truly are the pits of any quality , written by immature, paranoid, stupid ,idiotic, closeted members of the WTS writing dept, this article simply sums up the shit that the WTS still churns out week after week, year after year, no wonder no one reads them,

    Please deposit in the nearest trash receptacle.

  • dm6

    lol ...

    Chariklo, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with watching ants for fun..........absolutely nothing............


  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Jehovah will Destroy Goofus for stomping out the Gift Of Life ....for fun....

    As Gallant will enjoy a Paradise Earth where he will live forever.... How Wonderful it is to be like Gallant...

    Now This weeks Puzzel.... Find the 8 Hidden Apostates in this Picture....

  • PenelopePaige

    What is this Goofus and Gallant? Is this some sort of Watchtower literature for children? I don't see what's so wrong really, My daughter had a horrible little friend growing up who was just like Goofus, now she's one of my daughter's very best "frenemies", Basically, we hate to see the girl coming. I think having some literature like that is good for children. for a long time my daughter knew something was "off" with this little girl but it took her a while to recognize her for the terror she was. I read recently a very good article in the Watchtower (or it could have been AWAKE) about having friends who were supportive instead of passive agressive and picking good association, which I completely agree with. I know some of their instruction is kooky but alot of it is very beneficial. :)

  • lohengren

    I've been listening to rap and metal for years. I'm still waiting on my drugs. Hope they didn't get lost in the mail...

  • flying under the radar
    flying under the radar

    I find it very interesting that they never say anything about jazz, blues, country,

    folk music, classical and opera. Do they know anything about the lyrics, the plot of the operas

    or the lives of classical composers? I'm guessing not!

    The most ironic part is that I personally know friends who would listen to anything

    as long as it was a pan pipe version of it. LOL.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    oh yeah, pan pipes.

    i wonder if there's a pan pipe version of "the number of the beast". funny they don't like iron maiden, when all they do is cite the bible...

  • shopaholic

    Goofus and Gallant...haven't seen that in a while. Looks like something that could be in the new brochure released this summer at the DC.

    When I saw their mags laying around, I used to toss them... now I don't, so people can see the backward articles for themselves.

  • the-illuminator81

    They are in the business of fear.. rap music, oh no! heavy metal, oh no! violent videogames, oh no! gay marriage, oh no! Run away!

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