Aoirthoir aka Hyghlandyr is back sorta...

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  • talesin

    Greetings and w/b Hy!


  • aoirthoiranbroc

    Hi ColdRedRain (Hope its ok to call you that cause SpongSquireOrangeBobEatCandy is a bit too long anymore for these old hanes:D)!

    Talesin, danke.

    I'm not sure how much time I am going to spend here, I've got my time mostly spent with work, and occasionally mucking about on the internet.

    Going over some of the posts now and wow..ive not thought about a lot of this stuff in years. And some of the stuff I just think about very academically anymore, as if I was never even a Witness. Any religious discussions I have amount to, nope sorry we Pagans don't actually eat children. (Actually about 85% of Pagans eat chIdlren. The rest of us wait until you peeps become adults...THEN we eat you... :D ). Or other silliness. The workshop I will be running at Cleveland Pagan Pride in Bedford Ohio next Saturday will have such tidbits as:

    The AOirthoir Dance

    Get Excited about becoming apathetic!

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    Laughualize when you ritualize

    Staring Contest Curses ...and get the idea...

    But still even though I am busy though I'd stop in and see whats what in the what what...

    and I had NO idea I was gone so long.

  • mrsjones5

    Well Hygh I must say that you have been least by me.

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