Aoirthoir aka Hyghlandyr is back sorta...

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  • aoirthoiranbroc

    Alright so I wanted to catch up on some of my old posts and compare the old wonderful me, to the new wonderful me. Tried like mad to log in as Hyghlandyr and even tried using the email I thought I had subscribbed with. But come on, it was like 9 years ago. NINE years....Holy Odin's Left Eyesocket. So finally I had to create a new account which didn't send to my email any notification. So I tried another account. And finally it was approved and here we are and here I am looking back over stuff I wrote NINE years ago.

    NINE years? REALLY? It seems like two years ago or something.

    What's changed? I've gotten fatter, and prettier to look upon of course. Did you 'spect any different? Life's gotten better, more exciting. Work's gotten better. Relationships better.

    In any case hows the peeps doin' out there?

    Kind Regards,
    Aoirthoir AN Broc (yes that is now my legal name under Common Law)

  • aoirthoiranbroc

    Holy cow it even got my picture right!

    And for any ex JW Pagans out there, I wil be MCing at Cleveland Pagan Pride the 27th and running a workshop,

  • mrsjones5

    Do I know you or do you know me?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I remember you!

    Didn't you tell your JC that you were certain that the JWs were used by Jehovah, but you weren't sure Jehovah existed?

    Welcome back!

  • mrsjones5

    Is this the Hyghlander who used to frequent the jw yahoo chatroom?

  • aoirthoiranbroc

    Mrs. Jones, Yes I am that Hyghlandyr aka Joseph James Frantz of the Wooster Ohio and North Olmstead Ohio congregations. The one that caused most of the exes to move from Yahoo voice chat to Paltalk. The one that used to rant on voice for all sorts of interesting things.

    Nathan Natas, it never actually came to a JC. They tried to meet with me, we met, I told them that I was an apostate. The entire story I posted here. I am a bit amazed it was almost 9 years ago. Time flies.

    Go raihb maith agat for the welcome back. I wont be here a lot, I am kept very busy with my company. But figured I would poke my head in and say hi. If I had been able to sign in with my Hyghlandyr nick I would have done so. But in any case online and in person I go by Aoirthoir An Broc now. Which I did mention in my posts in the past. But I just got around to using it fully officially and exclusively. Except for my neices and nephews, Trying to get them to stop calling me Uncle Joe is a chore.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Slainte mhath!!

  • mrsjones5

    Hygh! Long time no hear. You were one of the best and most fun reasons to hang out in chat all those years ago. Good to see you again!

  • aoirthoiranbroc

    Mrs. Jones,

    Glad to see you again too. It's been a long long time and yeah I definitely remember you. We had some good convos.

    Low-Key not sure if I remember you atm. BUt its also late and I am sleepy.

  • ColdRedRain

    Hey dude. It's Sponge_Bob_Square_Thong from the old room.

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