New WT and Higher Education...Beware of the logical fallacy in the first sentence.

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    When all the old timers (responsible people) die off, what will the religion be left with? The religion is out of its mind to keep harping on their anti-education stand because they will not attract responsible people. The people left there in the prime of life are paying bills and supporting families and are not inclined to give money even if they had it to give. Nowadays, I would not even want to be there. Anybody barely hanging on to their job will be targeted left and right by needy people looking for handouts!


    I also feel the religion has some of the most materialistic, covetous people I ever met in my whole life, perhaps with the exception of a family on my block where I grew up. I was only a small child (6-7), and I first became aware of people who were covetous and always remarking if you had something "new" and saying they couldn't "afford" this and that. This is rather young to become aware of such things. I really became aware of the term "materialism" and what it meant when I became a JW because I was, quite plainly, surrounded by people who were looking at what everybody else "had". People who are jealous tend to make you feel self-conscious, even if you are not pretensious. I felt these people were bad to be around and were not good for my "head". I work for a living and deserve to enjoy the fruits of my labor and don't need this crap.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I notice a class distinction in Jehovah's Witnesses from my experience. There seemed to be two levels of Witnesses: 1. Born-ins and more sophisticated Witnesses who can name the Governing Body, detail doctrinal changes, people with savvy about Bethel. 2. recent converts who are there b/c they perceive the Witnesses as nice. They are not driven by doctrine. Very deferential.

    It seems as though group one can find a loophole for college. B/c they have skills, they stand out as giants in their KHs.

    The parallel to the draft during Viet Nam is present. Middle class college students are pampered while poor workers are drafted with combat duty.

    People with a sense of entitlement will attend college. It is sad. I don't believe this has anything to do with doctrine beliefs. Some people take the Witnesses with a grain of salt.

    I love the argument about where would there be medical doctors to do bloodless surgery. If they don't want to go to college, it is their choice. I don't like the smugness. I was so terrified and overawed when I started. Unlike other students, I had to hear constant ridiculing of college from my gm.

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