New WT and Higher Education...Beware of the logical fallacy in the first sentence.

by maninthemiddle 41 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • redsoxfan1393

    And my parents wondered and asked why I thought I was not allowed to go to college....

  • DavinciCodeBreaker

    I just read it over; what a gag fest. Get a load of this crap on page 7 par. 9

    Personal suffering can easily cause us to get so caught up in our own situation that concern over spiritual matters fades into the background.When praying to God for help, let us keep our mind focused on Jehovah, the sanctification of his name, and the vindication of his sovereignty.

    The WT put so much pressure and burden on people and nobody is off limits; including those that suffer from emotional or physical distress. In other words why don't they just say; "suck it up princess and get over yourself" GD ruthless bastards that they are!!

  • NVR2L8

    The WT make it sound like making money is bad...they are currently sitting on hundreds of millions in real estate in NY waiting for the market to go up so they can make more money.By the way, where did all the professionals working for them acquire their degrees...all these lawyers, doctors, engineers, financial analysts and computer geniuses...In the new system will all those skills and knowledge be transferred automatically into some chosen ones or will we have to learn thing the traditionnal way by persuing higher educations? Just asking...

  • maninthemiddle

    redsox...that is something near to me. I was homeschooled and never learned how to study properly, much less ever have a chance to get a "higher" education.

    I was denied a proper education becuase of this cult, i'll be damned if my son follows the same path. If he doesn't want to go to college, then that will be his choice to make. killed me that everyone wanted me to go to bethel but expected that I would have no education to go farther than laundry. No offence to anyone who worked in laundry, but it is about having the choice taken away from you.

  • sir82

    When is this article to be studied?

    Wonder if it coincides with the SATs (college entrance exams for you non-Americans)? It's been a few <cough> decades <cough> since I took mine, and don't remember in what part of the year they take place.

  • fokyc
    When is this article to be studied?

    January 9 - 15, 2012

  • dontplaceliterature

    This makes me so sad for all the teenagers' furtures that will be ruined over this crap, only to have an article released after they are married @ 19 that says that college is a personal choice and that we should not judge those who decide to pursue education beyond highschool.

    If I ever get disciplined/disfellowshipped for apostasy, it will be because I advocate the teenagers in our congregation to go to college.

  • ziddina


    The Watchtower Society undermines the future earnings of its members, yet again...

    Eventually, the only ones following the Watchtower Society will be the mentally disabled and homeless people...

    The boneheads on the Governing Body must have all gone senile - or are too involved with infighting and internal politics to look ahead.

    Oh, that's right... "Armageddon" is supposed to come before future generations of Jehovah's Witnesses [NOT "overlapping" ones, btw...] become even more poverty stricken....

  • Magwitch

    I think they should get rid of all the people at Bethel that have a college education and only have doctors and lawyers that have been self taught through the Awake.

  • skeeter1

    I guess this article makes it ok for Bethelites to go to college to obtain profeesional degrees. They aren't doing it for pay. So, they can do it, bu the rest of the JDubs can't. But, aren't the WTS attorneys and other professionals given better perks at Bethel (large apartment, drivers/cars, first class, etc). Doesn't the education/work performed earn them a higher status? So, unless the WTS attorneys get the same room as the Bethel dishwashers and maids, I think that they are benefiting from worldly aspirations.


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