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  • redhare67

    If God is almighty, would he not have preserve the true church that jesus and the apostles build today? Instead of letting Satan and apostates infiltrated the true church,so that its true teaching and the true church perished or was rejected by both jehovah and christ because of apostacy!If the true church survived and is with us today, where do the jehovah s witness organisation stand?

  • the-illuminator81

    If God is loving, why does he condemn billions of people to thousands of years of terrible suffering because of a single mistake?

  • redhare67

    I need answers to the post,please

  • redhare67

    Did the church that jesus and the apostles build survive to this day?

  • Terry

    For fifteen hundred years, the only christian church officially vested with authenticity was the Catholic Church.

    At least, this was THEIR claim.

    Authority, so they said, was passed on to them by Jesus himself when he established Peter as "upon THIS rock" (Peter=petra_). Peter was the church's first "father" or Papa=POPE.

    Additionally, the entire tradition of teachings from Jesus forward gave them MAGESTERIUM. When official pronouncements were made about faith and morals these teachings were binding on earth and in heaven. Eventually, infallibility was attached.

    The various church corruptions and political intrigues cast grave doubt upon the purity of this institution.

    Martin Luther, a young monk, challenged the church on their corruptions. This led to debate, expulsion and schism.

    PROTESTANTISM needed a source of Authority to rival and surpass Catholicim.

    Luther invented SOLA SCRIPTURA.

    Instead of church traditions (Magesterium) Luther said the BIBLE ALONE (empowered by holy spirit) was ALL any christian believer needed for TRUTH.


    We stand looking back through history at those events, those assertions, those CLAIMS of authority.

    NEITHER Catholicism nor PROTESTANT denominational variants have made good on claims of DIRECTION from God, Jesus or Holy Spirit.

    How do we know this? "By their fruits you shall know them."

    Protestantism engaged in an unending series of bloody wars both against Catholics and against each other. Brother killed brother.

    Non-violent sects/cults/denominations have proved to be marginal purveyors of idiosyncratic doctrine and effectiveness.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are just one of a long line of schismatic Adventists devoted to novelty, false claims of sole Truth and false prophetic teachings.

    The premise of your opening paragraph is a FALSE premise!

    God, apparently, did NOT safeguard any pure worship, practice or theology beyond showing love, forgiveness and charity.


  • redhare67

    Thanks "Terry" good research, but the true church had to survive, there must be a group of people today who is holding on to the teachings of JESUS and the APOSTLES{ pure truth) Where is that group?

  • Terry

    the true church had to survive, there must be a group of people today

    Please examine this PREMISE and ask yourself why you INSIST that it is a sound premise.

    When you say "there MUST BE" that is an assertion. What feeds that assertion? Is there any supporting evidence?

    The simple definition of truth is=that which corresponds with reality. Reality is accessible by the senses. You can see, feel, hear, taste and smell what is real.

    Any examination of the history of religion or christianity consists of a lot of rhetoric, some heroic devotion and lofty methaphysical assertion without proof.

    Our "faith" rests on hearsay.

  • redhare67

    "Terry" did not jesus said" that the gates of hades or hell will not prevail against it" Does that not meant it had to survive- that is its true teaching, another thing, lets look at the Bible, how did the bible survive to this day, did it not suffer presecution? Did not god preserve it, am I to expect the least concerning the first century church? Can you do more research?

  • redhare67

    Where are the answers?

  • Ding

    Why does it have to be an organization as opposed to many individuals?

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