We can't let them get away with it: HAVING IT BOTH WAYS!

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  • garyneal

    marked, thanks Mad Sweeney

  • Wonderment

    Terry has made some good observations.

    Those inside the WTS refuse openly to admit there are plenty of "double-speak" declarations being published by this "double-standard" group.

    Really, you can't have it both ways. What applies to other religious groups must be applied to them as well. I see good in the WT, but I also see plenty of inconsistencies in their religious approach.

  • donny

    Good post as usual Terry,

    I hate it when they use the "apostles had wrong expectations" as an excuse for their blatant false prophecy. When you read the example they alway site (Acts 1:6), there is nothing there that suggest they were preaching false prophecies. Jesus has been preaching a lot of new ideas to the Jews of the day and they were simply trying to clarify what it was that he was saying. It wasn't as if they had been running around the countryside declaring that the kingdom was being restored to Israel right then and there..

  • Quendi

    When I brought up the WTS history of conflicting and contradictory teachings to a Witness friend of mine recently, the expressions that crossed his face said everything. At first he fell back on the old chestnut, "These men are imperfect, so they will make mistakes." I didn't let him get away with that. I answered that Jesus said the holy spirit would lead his true followers in all the ways of the truth, not some. And that so-called progressive revelation would never contradict previous ones if God was the source. My friend struggled with that and in the end resorted to another favorite WTS tactic: name-calling. He told me that I was succumbing to pride and arrogance, thinking I knew better than the "slave" about the Bible.

    Cognitive dissonance can make Witnesses extremely uncomfortable when they are forced to confront it. I did not expect my friend to immediately agree with me. All I could hope for was that I planted some seeds that might sprout later. But I also thought about something else Jesus said. He talked about how knowing the truth would make a person free. Knowing the truth about the WTS has certainly done that for me. I'm still amazed that I took in WTS teaching and practice without any kind of critical examination. Like the sirens' song, I was seduced by what I heard and wanted desperately to believe it. It is clear now that the WTS wants to have it both ways, but now those of us who want to resist have the means to do so very effectively.


  • Ding

    I have asked many JWs, "If the GB isn't infallible or inspired, then why do JWs have to believe everything they say?"

    All I get are blank stares.

    That obvious question just doesn't compute with them.

    The GB hasn't given them the answer, so the question must not be worth asking...

  • TimothyT

    Very good points Terry! I enjoy your posts!

    The truth is this organisation is just full of BS and the fact that they control the lives of millions, to the detriment of the friends and family of those ones is what realy gets under my skin.

    They are far from spirit annointed and someday hopefuly they, and the millions of followers will notice it.



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