We can't let them get away with it: HAVING IT BOTH WAYS!

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  • Terry

    I don't feel my opinion is particularly of great importance here but would you do a favour plse?


    I don't think the wording of the Challenge statements 1. & 2. are worthy of the greater understanding that precedes them.


    Forgive me but based on the strength of your message, I think you can make them stronger as well, and clearer, so's not to lose the intent.


    {The challenge is clear:

    1.Is the Watchtower claim of Authority like the PRE-spirit Apostles or not?

    2.Is everything preached and published wrong expectations being spun as post-resurrection Spirit Direction?

    Which is it?}

    Point taken!

    Would that I could go back and edit it out.


  • clarity

    Terry, I didn't just want to make a point ... I am seriously interested in seeing a climax to the argument,... so to speak, that will be remembered.

    The piece itself, is a huge drum roll, a crescendo and then seems to fall a bit flat (in my humble opinion). The body (of it) demands satisfaction. Could you please just rework that part and post it?

    I'll watch for it.


  • Magwitch

    Thank you Terry! I always love reading your posts.

  • Terry

    Take Two: ACTION!

    Roll camera: Clack~!

    Why would Jesus finally (after 2 thousand years!) return and select a special remnant for End Times warnings AND THEN leave them to speculate over and over with wrong expectations?



    When you JW family, friends, or associates in business dealings are within earshot try saying this aloud:

    WHAT SHOULD I DO? Somebody I trusted implicity wrote me a huge check and it bounced. Now, they blame me for mentioning it! Is this fair?

    (Insert the other party's response_________here)

    Follow this with:

    The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses owe me for 1975--IT BOUNCED!

    They owe me for Millions Now Living Will Never Die--IT BOUNCED!

    I spend countless hours of my time at my own expense publishing this counterfeit door to door and NONE OF IT was worth a minute of anybody'd time. IT BOUNCED and they won't make good on it!


  • clarity


  • thetrueone

    Folks, any ignorant speculations and expectations of Apostles were the direct result of the fact JESUS HAD NOT DIED AND SENT HOLY SPIRIT YET! The Apostles weren't commissioned yet or divinely led by spirit!
    When did the Apostles STOP making wrong guesses? AFTER, they were spirit-led!

    Good point Terry

    What is the alternative explanation?

    The alternative explanation is a simple one , a marketing scheme to attract more of the publics attention toward the WTS's literature.

    Free and open marketing also means religions can self profess whatever they want or whatever they perceive would help their



    Good evening Terry..

    "Jehovah's Witnesses do not claim to be inspired prophets. They have made mistakes. Like the apostles of Jesus Christ, they have at times had some wrong expectations."

    Actually the statements are true..Devious,Misleading,but true..

    Most people do not understand..

    The WBT$ and JW`s are not one and the same..

    The WBT$ makes a Prophecy..

    Then Claims JW`s have never made a Prophecy..

    Which is true..

    JW`s parrot WBT$ prophecys..

    Then take the blame when it all turns out to be Bullshit as Usual..

    The WBT$ tell the JW`s they`re being persecuted..The WBT$ Claims they have New Light..


    It starts all over again..


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Want to hit them with some cognitive dissonance over the source of the Borg's authority? Explain to them - or better yet, get them to explain to you - that Jesus Christ came in 1918 and for the next year and a half examined the current teachings of all the religions of the world. Based on that inspection of their teachings, Jesus Christ chose the Watchtower's leaders as his faithful and discreet slave and appointed them "over all his belongings."

    Once they express conviction in the belief that Christ inspected their teaching at that time and chose them, give them a copy of THE ONLY book that was recently published and was being studied by the Bible Students at that time: The Finished Mystery and encourage them to read it to strengthen their faith in that divine appointment.

    There is absolutely NO WAY anyone can read that book and still believe Christ selected the Borg based on that crap. It is available at archive.org, btw.

    If they try to backtrack and say they were chosen, not for their teachings, but for faithfulness or because of their preaching work, show them God’s Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached, pages 352-353. It is all about the doctrinal teachings.

  • Quendi

    Bookmarking so I can take part in this discussion later.


  • thetrueone

    Unfortunately the established freedom of religion in America has instituted a set policy that religious organizations

    like the WTS/JWS can have it both ways of their own choosing.

    I wonder how many times Russell and Rutherford gazed over to the Statue of Liberty and wonder what the statuesque

    image meant for them.

    As you can see religion can be a very dirty game, where one group/organization will intensionally pin itself against another and call that

    religious organization foul, propping itself up above the rest intensionally to lure followers.

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