What is the oldest car you have owned?

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    My first car was a corvair and it was great in the snow but the heat smelled awful.

  • DagothUr

    Dacia 1300 made in 1978. It looks just like a Renault 12.

  • designs


    I co-owned a Corvair (deathtrap), my brother totaled it one night drag racing after the Ministry School, he hit the center divider and the front wheels collasped. His paasenger, another pioneer though all of his teeth had been knocked out but when he spit into his hands it was the safety glass from the front windshield. Our Dad's reaction, priceless $%^&*(

    Personal favorite old cars, my old Jeep CJ7 and a Triumph TR6

  • Glander

    trivia on the '47 Fleetmaster. I can see how you could use it for a schoolbus. The backseat was huge and you could stretch your legs out in front. Also a very high roof. To start the car, after turning the key, you pressed the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor with your foot cocked to the right so you could press the starter button with your toes. Very difficult to start the car when barefoot. It was a three speed manual trans. with the shifter on the steering column. Vacuum assisted shifting. Mine had a vacuum leak and at highway speed it would sometimes jump out of third gear so I often drove with my right hand resting on the lever. Straight 6, great low end torque for such a big car but top speed was only about 65-70 mph.

  • brizzzy

    Current one. 1968 VW Bug.

  • GLTirebiter

    Nice bug, Brizzy! I see you got the matching tennies to go with it.

    I had an orange '74, but that was long ago.

  • botchtowersociety

    1987 Pontiac Firebird was my first. Mine was a navy blue/silver two tone.

    And later a 1989 Toyota Supra--this baby could boogie and had T-tops.

  • Apeman

    1987 Linncoln Continental. I miss that car. Plenty of get up and go, smooth ride, and handled great for such a boat of a car. Unfortunately, got totalled by some stupid 15-year-old joy riding in his mother's car. I put $2000 into that car, and the insurance company gave me a whopping $600 for it.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I had a '68 Pontiac GTO convertible with a 455 under the hood that rated out at 335 horsepower. I was 17 and got busted doing 135mph at night on a deserted Utah highway. Dad confiscated the keys and sold it the next week. I loved that car.

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