Did you keep any of your old JW paraphernalia?

by i_drank_the_wine 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • i_drank_the_wine

    For those of us who have made the clean break, did you keep any of your old JW stuff? Books, "service" bag, etc?

    I didn't keep a shred myself. There were a few items in there that could arguable have sentimental value. My terribad dad gave me my first bible 20+ years ago with a letter from him written on the inside cover. My sister gave me one of those custom bibles with my name and other crap on the fancy cover after I got baptized at 14. All trash though as far as I'm concerned now. Everything that those things represent is just too disgusting to me.

  • shamus100


    Not even the suits or ties - NOTHING. I burned my NWT.

  • i_drank_the_wine

    Ahh yes, didn't even mention that. I threw away my "meeting" clothes as well. Normally I'd donate clothes that I don't use anymore, but those JW posessed/cursed suits, shirts, and ties needed to see their end in a lake of fire and sulphur. No bitterness here hehe :)

  • mummatron

    No. It all got jettisoned when I moved out of my parents' house. Kept my service bag as it was a decent bag but had to throw it out a year later as it got damp and mouldy when my house had some water damage. I recently found some convention badges & notes in a box, they will soon be shredded. We have a Bible Stories book on the shelf which was a "gift" for my kids but I think that will have to be destroyed before they see it and have nightmares.

  • sabastious

    The dark blue "All Scripture Inspired" book is my bedroom doorstop. How it ended up there was pure accident, but I haven't had the heart to remove it. It just seems a shame to waste money in this economy on one of those fancy doorstoppers from Walmart.


  • moshe

    I got rid of my "ol reliable service car right away and my book bags, Kingdom day planner and later all old the WT books, bound volumes, save, 4 or 5 really old ones.

  • Quandry

    I burned out one shredder and bought another one so that all the bound volumes and individual mags could be gooooonnnne!

  • isojourn

    I do still have a lot of the books and magazines, which I use for art projects. They are slowly hollowing out. There are plenty of uses for them: collages, paper mache figures and messer picker uppers.

    I made these faces using pieces of Awakes and Watchtowers...

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    i lost my bag with the bible my parents gave me at my baptism (you know, the one with the golden cut and leather cover), loads of love letters and a few tracts in the vienna subway(en-US)/underground(en-UK)/metro(whatever). i also had my elberfelder translation in there, which was kind of sad, as it helped me to find out about 607 and stuff...

  • Violia

    No, not the paraphernalia but I did keep a family members older books, dating back to 1921 or 23. One elder tried to my family member to throw them out, but I stepped and gave them moral support to hang onto their books. Now they are mine.

    Most of the bound volumes ,back to the 60's I just threw in the trash. I did keep "insight on the scriptures" the blue aid book and one or two of the smaller books, eg, James, truth etc. Not much.I kept the Babylon book for fun and found the old orange book ( from the 50 'the very old book tat was used a lot before the truth book) as I picked it up in a used book store.

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