They Stole another piece of my childhood... now im SURE i'm not getting a panda ;-(

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  • elderelite

    Well, stole retroactively. A friend pointed out a glaring omission in the book of bible stories.. well frankly a bold faced lie of omission!

    Its a tragedy but fact that most of us raised as dubbie kids learn the bible from the "my book of bible story's"... Story 15 is about lot and his family leaving Sodom. We are told that his wife was warned not to look back. She walks out of the destruction, disobediently turns around and is turned into a pillar of salt. So wicked and vile this is she is not even mentioned by name in the bible! the picture tells it all... lot, his arm around his two daughters, one black haired and other red, pained and leaving the burning city, and their salt statue mother behind, The city a few hundred yards behind them being destroyed by the fury of their petty Hebrew god....

    But the bible itself shows these to be factually in error... Lot and his family left for zo'ar at first light, according to the bible. They then Traveled ALL DAY, according to the bible's account, and were AT ZO'AR when the wicked woman turned around! I tried my best to find exactly where Zo'ar would be according to the cult, but no real avail. Their best guess has it somewhere to the south. But realistically so far to the south that it wasn't affected by Sodom's destruction and, according to the bible "out of the district of sodom".... After travailing all day, in a "run for your life mode" they may well have been as far 20 miles away, maybe much more, but damn sure father than the few yard the bible story book shows!

    So the bible story book purposely distorts and lies, shows them just outside the city and the poor woman a pile of salt mere yards away as the city burns. The reality is that they were safe in a city many miles away before she turns around and the petty woman hating god turns her to salt! How long exactly was she not to look back??? was she never to turn her eyes north again?? and to rub salt (pun intended) in the wounds, the very next day, Abraham "god friend" gets up and LOOKS AT THE DESTRUCTION! so hes allowed but lots evil wife wasn't?????

    Oh I'm sure these bastards lied to me about getting a panda to pet in the new world now.... my whole child hood, based on a book that clearly stretches and twists the truth... what next.... everyone goes to heaven?????? but seriously how bold to lie and distory a story like that when clearly the bible contridicats what they show in the picture.... and how bad that it to me 30+ years to see it....

  • yrkdnme

    Well, just to defend the Bible and not JWs I will say this: It was not the physical looking back that caused her punishment, it was the fact that she most likely looked back longingly. JUST SAYIN! And the panda part is pretty funny. I for one hope you get your panda.

  • stillin

    Lot's nameless wife just wouldn't get with the game plan! "So. we're poor now?"

    Generally speaking the pictures in the bible story book are wonderfully acurate, with some "artistic license" thrown in...

  • journey-on

    How far away do you have to be before you cannot see a mushroom cloud? Just askin'. (I think that story is allegorical.)

    You think the My Book of Bible Stories is scary and hokey, you should have seen the orange "Paradise" book. I had nightmares about the ground opening up with huge cracks where I could fall in and the crack closes in on me. (I was somewhat claustrophobic.) I wanted a Lion back then to pet....I guess the next generation up switched to Pandas.

  • mummatron

    EE, Very interesting that you should pick up on that.

    Have you done much delving into the histories of Bab edh-Dhra and Numeira? Archaeologists and geologists believe that these Bronze Age cities were what the Bible documents as Sodom and Gomorrah, and that due to a burn layer in the rock layer at Numeira (Gomorrah) plus the identification of a fault line running next to both cities along the Jordan Rift Valley, it's most likely that an earthquake occured which caused flammable gases and bitumen to be released from the earth triggering the devastation of both places. There's an interesting paper based on some geological studies which can be found here:

    BTW, I've made do with the red panda at the zoo. He's pretty cool and someone else is paid to pick up his poop. Result!

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Those Comcast commercials with the Chinese fella who owns the huge Panda makes me want one too. I concur with Yrkdnme, the WT will say its not about the distance, its about the heart condition. They'll probably put an asterisk besides the word, distance, to advertise their publication, See the Good Land.

    What stands out to me the most on this story is the fact that Lot's wife had to die in the first place. I'm thinking to myself, "Whoa whoa, wait a minute! So she has to die for looking back longingly, but David can commit adultry and premeditated murder and not so much as a scratch?" And don't come in here with that nonsense like, "well he suffered watching his household suffer!" Yeah I bet he did, especially when he was an old man and the servants brought him young women to keep him warm at night.

    How many other people in the Bible got murked over seemingly petty and trivial situations? Kids getting slaughtered by bears for making fun of male pattern baldness, a guy in Genesis got murked because he decided to pull out at the last minute and cum all over the grass in the tent instead of his cousin's wife or something like that, a non-Levite grabbed hold of the arc before it felll to the earth, and he got struck dead immediately, any more?

  • sd-7

    EE, I noticed some subtleties in 'My Book of Bible Stories' that showed me just how deep the manipulation goes. So I get where you're coming from. Of course, I never really had specific plans for Paradise, other than getting there and possibly seeing folks who had died and all that. I figured there was just as much chance of dying and staying dead as anything else.

    But that's an interesting point. Then again, I guess that picture in the book beats a drunk Lot getting gang-banged by his own daughters. ...Or does it? "What's Lot doing, Mommy?" [Mommy covers child's eyes]


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George
    But that's an interesting point. Then again, I guess that picture in the book beats a drunk Lot getting gang-banged by his own daughters. ...Or does it? "What's Lot doing, Mommy?" [Mommy covers child's eyes]

    You can take Lot and his daughters out of Sodom, but you can't take the Sodom out of them.

  • sd-7
    a guy in Genesis got murked because he decided to pull out at the last minute and cum all over the grass in the tent instead of his cousin's wife or something like that

    LOL! It is so refreshing to hear someone say it like that. "Murked" is a term I've not heard in awhile. My big brother used to say it, so it's kind of funny to hear it again. Ha ha!

    Also, it makes for an interesting adult drama moment. "Yes, Onan! Don't pull out! Don't pull out!!"

    Onan: "Dammit, Lord! I don't want to pay any child support for kids that won't really be mine!"

    JHVH: "Then you must die, Onan, for your sin. But put your pants on first. Oh, and...wash in water before you put your pants on. Then I'll kill you."

    Onan: "Son of a rebellious maid...."


  • sd-7

    Exactly. Moabites were known for being [farm equipment], just like their original mama...


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