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  • Hairyhegoat

    I here Vancover has very little snow ? I have another company after my skills over their, is the weather better in Vancouver


  • shamus100

    Oh, well that's different.

    6 months of rain, 12 months of traffic, 4 months of smog. ;)

  • Hairyhegoat

    Shamus100 are you trying to put me off the move, if Canada is that bad you should move to the UK


  • moshe

    off topic- HHG, Shamus, but did you hear about the Walrus who went to a Tupperware party? He was looking for a tighter Seal-

  • kramer

    did you complete secondary school HHG?

    seriously, oh my goodness what has Brittania done to make you so cross?.. if Aus is so great , I wonder why there is about a couple of million antipodeans here in London?? ANyway, good luck down under..

  • dm6

    i am from Uk i am 24 and i moved to New zealand 3 months ago. i did work here for 2 years...2 years ago.

    I know how you feel your in EXACTLY the same position as me.

    England is finished.

    Nuff said'

  • shamus100

    Not at all. I love where I live, and I love my life. ;)

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Goodluck with your move, HHG and family.

    England is fascinating for its history and everything, but I'd rather live in Australia.

  • dozy

    The pay in the UK is disgusting. The average pay here for a very average job is $20 an hour that is £12 an hour, thats just for stacking shelves at supermarkets. In england people get payed £5 an hour for that job and get 23% taken off for tax in Australia it is only 10%.

    The local Sainsbury's starting salary is £6.50 an hour which I think is quite typical and the UK minimum wage is £5.93 per hour so the correspondent is talking a load of tosh. There is an annual tax threshold of £7,475 before a single penny of tax is deducted.

    I would say one thing though - his grammar . diction and spelling (there is no "e" at the end of stomach , by the way) is something of an indictment to the British eduction system. Good luck to him in Australia though - they can have him (though I thought we stopped sending our low lifes there a hundred years ago!)

    Seriously though HHG - good luck in Canada if you do decide to move there. It is a lovely country & very Brit friendly. Re where you are hoping to move to , I have a friend who is earning excellent money on the oil sands in Alberta , though it is filthy work in a horrible environment - he hopes to make enough money in a few years to be able to retire early in the cotswolds. I suspect you will be back on the plane to Blighty after a few years like so many of the people I know who have emigrated.

  • the-illuminator81

    If you lose your job in Australia you can still make a living shooting and eating kangaroos, there's millions of them.

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