Apostates Shut the door of everlasting life in Men's Faces

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  • AwareBeing

    Russell apostacized from Conley's Zion's Watch Tower.

    He bought it out, and declaired himself better than his mentors.

    Then taking on the title of "the faithful Slave", mislead the Bible Students.

    In Russell's case, he didn't shut doors, he chased them out the doors!

    JW elders are still doing it to this day. 'Serve the clique or get out!'

  • agonus

    Another thing to keep in mind: Why is it the Witnesses of yesteryear were full of fire and zeal and, for the most part, unafraid to take on "apostates", not being warned by "Jehovah's Organization" in every other article/talk about how "dangerous" they are? Have apostates really become that much more "dangerous"?

    Or could it be that the leadership is becoming more fearful, and perhaps even paranoid?

    If they've nothing to hide, please ask yourself... WHY?

    What is it about the organization or its history that they're so intent on keeping from you, and why can't it be countered with simple truth, if that's what the organization offers?

  • the-illuminator81

    Shutting the door on everlasting life is like shutting the door on christmas.. it's not real folks! I don't feel guilty for shutting the door on a fairytale.

    You could have asked him how he knows that the FDS was chosen. Then go to 1919 and ask him what kind of doctrine was so special compared to the other religions at the time. Then ask him if the doctrine was good enough for Jesus in 1919, why would you get disfellowshipped for following that same doctrine in 2011. Then you can call up the faithful and discreet slave text and mention how they are supposed to be waiting for Jesus when he came. Then ask him how they could be waiting when they thought he was already present since 1874.

    You could have shown him how Jesus taught his apostles to remember him by passing the bread and wine. Then ask him where the respectful bystanders are, the so-called great crowd. Top it off with a nice "great crowd in heaven" scripture.

  • Awen

    I would have pointed out that Jesus was speaking to the "Interpreters" of the Law. The Pharisees and the Scribes. The ones who were entrusted by YHWH with making sure the Law of God was handled correctly. Jesus isn't speaking to ones who have left the Jewish Faith (as Apostates would be classified) but of those currently in a position of power (like the GB, Elders, MS).

    These words of Jesus are clearly meant for those who take on the responsibilities of a teacher and NOT for those who merely question the teacher.

  • agonus

    Exactly, Awen.

    How many folks on this board could rightfully be described as "religious leaders"? There might be a handful of folks here who actually consider themselves anointed of Jehovah, but are they trying to get anyone to join a religion or are they more concerned with God and Christ?

    The GB do consider themselves anointed of Jehovah. They're all ABOUT religion... the "true religion" of the WT. How could they NOT fall under the category of "religious leaders"?

  • sizemik

    Would you ever consider maintaining with your child all the way into adulthood . . . that Santa really brings us presents every Christmas?

    It's like reasoning this way . . .

    Surely to break the truth to him is to "Slam the door in his face" as to the prospect of Santa ever coming back. So why do you . . . evil parent . . . spend all your time going around destroying the hopes of innocent children? . . . breaking their poor little hearts like that? They might even stop being good little children anymore! . . . I feel like killing you all!!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Many of the Church fathers were martyred and not by simple gun shot. I've read the accounts written by witnesses to the horrific slaughter and pure sadism at Lyon and Vienne. They died for Christ. As they were burned alive and thrown to ravenous wild beasts, they entered a trance and conversed with Jesus. Christ was immediately present to them as he was to Paul on the road to Damascus.

    Thousands were martyred in sporadic operations. They were fools for Christ. Jesus and even the apostles had the Holy Spirit. Prophecy is a recognized gift of the spirit. How could God not know the future and tell future followers, living in the late 1800s that his only organization would take over for him. Christ is eternal. How long has the WT been around and how consistent are their followers? In the last few days I listened to Bart Ehrman's lectures on early Christianity. He says mass evanglization never occurred. Paul did not knock on doors or tent flaps. Matt. 24:14 was interpreted by some, not all, to send missionaries. Paul set up a business in every new city where he would meet many business acquantances. He preached to his clients, where he lived. This surprised me. Pagans did not care about an afterlife. You wanted a very powerful god on your side. Ancient religions had much status. Judaism was ancient. Paul and Peter's performance of miracles sealed people's mind that Christ was a god that you wanted on your side.

    I am the way, the truth, the light. WTBTS must be in some very obscure fn b/c I have never seen it and no contemporary documents from that period mention it. Knock, Jesus says, the door will open. He was the door. Not some nut cases in Pittsburgh. What would a good Jewish boy from Bethlehm and Nazareth do in America. American exceptionalism is not in the Bible.

  • Nobleheart

    "My question is, do you feel that your activities here are synonymous to shutting the door of everlasting life on innocent people?. I just want to know if your motives are pure for what you are doing and if your experience as an ex-JW justify your presence here. Just curious."

    If I actually believed JW teachings were the way to everlasting life, I'd not be posting here but sitting at the KH or out in service. Rather, because I've come to the realization that it's all a sham that I wouldn't wish others to waste time, energies, hopes, etc in the pursuit of an empty promise. Armageddon didn't come in 1914, 1925, the 40s, 1975, within the 20th century...why should innocent people believe this organization?

    Before I tried my best to teach people in FS the 'precious truths' as I'd been taught as a JW. Now I'm open to sharing with others my knowledge of this organization. Isn't it natural to want to share with others something beneficial? I believe researching one's faith, making sure of what one believes in is of crucial importance.

  • AwareBeing

    The Adventists apostatized from the Protestants,

    Who apostatized from the Catholic Church,

    Who apostatized from the disciples of Jesus.

    The only way to clear out all the layers of apostasy

    is to start from the beginning again. That requires a

    knowledge of the early apostles writings, and beliefs.


  • LongHairGal


    So, God has supposedly "assigned the GB to care for spiritual matters on earth"? Well, I demand to know just how God communicated to the GB and I want to know who the GB are/were. After all, in the Bible there is no secrecy when God spoke to any human. It was all laid out as to who it was and where it occurred so I expect no less from anybody in modern times who makes claims and assertions that God "uses" them or communicates to them. Why can't I get an answer to this question?

    As for so-called apostates figuratively abandoning the "wife of their youth", it is the other way around. The supposedly pure religion is what has proven to be false!

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