Apostates Shut the door of everlasting life in Men's Faces

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  • Hortensia

    Apostates don't usually go out looking for converts. We tend to live and let live.

    That elder sounds crazy - he would chop our heads off if he had the chance? I like your comment about allowing god to fight for himself.

  • yrkdnme

    @Outlaw Well, when you think about it the WTBS are like weather men actually. LOL

  • NewChapter

    He goes on and on, condemning all acts of apostasy and all JW dissents, mentioning how blood guilty they are. Infact, If He had the opportunity, He is ready to chop off the head of many here.

    Maybe a better question is to ask this elder exactly what HE is trying to do. That's one crazy statement. As far as most of us, we just come here for support and conversation. If a JW pops in, they are welcome. We haven't actually done anything. If they learn something--well that's sort of THEIR thing and good for them. Are JW's soooo very fragile in their faith that it should be shaken by a board like ours?

    When I was a believer, I never would have dropped by. We don't tell anyone what they should or must do. We just trust them to make those decisons based on a lot of information. Then we debate them, lol, cuz that's something we never got to do while still in.

    We want people to take their lives back and stop living in robot mode. That should not be intimidating to the elder. Unless he wants them to hand their lives over and live like robots!

    How is that for cunning words? LOL

  • VM44

    "If He had the opportunity, He is ready to chop off the head of many here."

    Good little elder, so full of hate!

  • punkofnice

    Apostates Shut the door of everlasting life in Men's Faces

    Oh, sorry I didn't see him coming in behind me! Ooops!

    What codswallop! All thi is is using the Bible JW style IE out of context to prove an US vs: THEM cult stance.

    Invent an enemy then attack it.

    I am an apostate as was Jesus and Paul and others from the organization in their day.

    My friend.......run as fast as you can from the cult. Just get out.....those who truly love you for who you are will still love you.....those that don't weren't worth the effort.

  • irondork

    J. Hofer: we are as heterogenous as it gets.

    Heeeyyy! I ain't no heterogenous. I'm GAY!

    LOLOL... oh, I slay me! LOLOL

  • isojourn
    My question is, do you feel that your activities here are synonymous to shutting the door of everlasting life on innocent people?. I just want to know if your motives are pure for what you are doing and if your experience as an ex-JW justify your presence here. Just curious.

    The answer to this is NO. I don't feel that I am responsible for anything negative, or “bloodshed” by expressing my opinions and observations on a message board.

    I came here on my own, no "apostate" has ever lured me or talked me into anything. I had a lot of bad experiences while I was in. Yet, I still stayed for a long time, looked above it and did not hold resentment. I didn't leave because I had a chip on my shoulder or was just bitter. Or because I wanted to go crazy with drugs and mad orgies.

    I left because I realized it made no sense. It all came down to words and just rehearsed memorized words, repeated over and over. No proof, no real execution...no REAL explanation.

    I don’t have an evil "motive" for posting on this site aside from sharing. from voicing a personal opinion.

    Ask yourself, if you’re going to truly and honestly dedicate your entire body, mind and heart to something. Every waking hour of your life, every moment and let’s say raise a family. If you are going to literally gamble this known existing life you have AND the lives you have created into this belief/lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be common sense, to think? To compare? To research? To educate yourself?

    By not doing that YOU would be the one shutting the door on an innocent life(lives).

    If the WTS is so confident they have Jehovah’s blessing and not just their words of manipulation and control. They would have no fear of “apostates” or even words of contempt toward them. This fear is what drives those angry words you heard from the elder...

  • unshackled

    What zoiks said. And the only ones to shut the door of everlasting life in anyone's face is the WT, because they made it up.

  • Intel

    I would say: The Watchtower Society is shutting the door to present life of millions, which is almost criminal...they steal the most valuable that humans have: time = the building block of Life!!! They have sucked my time and therefore robbed me of years of pure LIFE!

    LOL Scully:

    300 years later, Pope Pius XII described Galileo as a hero of research. And in 1992 Pope John Paul II "expressed regret" for the way the church handled Galileo way back when.

    Time is the expositor of all false prophets and the avenger of all accused of heresy.

    In the year 2311 Governing Body member, Brother R8Y10 will apologize and "express his regret" towards Simon and the members of this forum. We will all be dead, but at least they will apologize.

    Isn't that a comforting thought?

  • Retrovirus

    and they are going arround, looking for gullible ones who are seeking the kingdom with honest heart

    But that's not what apostates do. . .it is exactly what believing jws do!

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