SEX! and the DC Sunday Drama

by Red Piller 30 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • cattails

    I know many here thought it was an embarrassing drama...

    I know why I personally think it embarrassing.

    I think the Joseph was HOT! And those Egyptian guards, wowwie!

    I actually liked the "drama" it reminded me of a soap opera.

    How many times have we been reminded not to watch soap operas?

    How many times have we been counseled not to keep watching shows that highlight SEX?

    How many times have we been told to get out of the theater or change the channel?

    Well, keep it up Watchtower! The hypocrisy can only make for more "conscious" Witnesses.

    Otherwise, the gestures-exaggerated acting and obvious tentalizing wordplays made for a cheap theatric spectacle.

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