Is there anyone here with a meeting on Tuesday or Monday? Need some help.

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  • garbonzo

    @MrFreeze If I believed, I would put up with it, but it's a waste of time now.

  • paida

    I feel your pain bro. All that crap I had to put up with...

  • serenitynow!

    Garbonzo, I'm sure there are Tuesday meetings in your neck of the woods. Drop in one of those meetings and steal that brother's material. Or just don't do the talk.

  • rebel8

    You have a good opportunity here. Be super spiritual TM . Here is a great resource for your talk!

    Homes--Talk about how you will all have the pick of all the dead worldly people's homes after Armageddon. Play this up greatly: Spiritual brothers will meditate on this often. How many of you have actually vividly imagined what it will be like to be able to live in your rich neighbor's house after the dead bodies are cleaned out? If you aren't meditating on this, maybe you are not really looking forward to being in the New System!

    Jobs--Jehovah will provide wonderful jobs for all--farming! Everyone will be farmers. There will be lots of corpses to compost at first. Then there will be a great need to plant vegetables and fruits. Afterward the sisters will clean and do canning. There won't be electricity or plumbing so the brothers will be responsible for bringing buckets of water up to the house and for keeping bees to make candles for light. Oh what a blessing that will be!

    Security--Everyone will be too tired to commit crimes, after working from sunup to sundown to feed themselves, so there will be security for all. There won't be any police or governments, so if a brother disputes your land claim and tries to take over your cornfield, you have to take it to the gates of the city and ask the elders for help working it out.

  • agent zero
    agent zero

    contrary to most views here so far, i rather like the idea that some of us stuck-ins help eachother have a bit easier time going through the motions, for whatever personal motivation each one has for doing so.

    there are many threads on this forum dealing with the validity of the decision of staying in as a "conscious class" member, and participating to varying degrees despite our better awareness. so no need to put him down in the first comment after his opening post, as i'm sure Garbonzo knows the option of not doing it exists, just that at this time it serves his personal situation best to just do the talk.

    anyway, i'm currently already in the process of skipping the meeting, but maybe i could still go and if so i'll record the talk on my phone. no promises though.

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