Is there anyone here with a meeting on Tuesday or Monday? Need some help.

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  • garbonzo

    Doubt there will be a Monday meeting, but I know there are Tuesday meetings. Obviously this is for people who are still in, or at least have the phone number for the phone hook up.

    Anyway, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have a No. 3 talk on this:

    No. 3: God’s Kingdom Will Provide Homes, Employment, and Security for All (rs p. 229 ¶6–p. 230 ¶2)

    Since I don't believe in this crap anymore, but don't want to disappoint my parents, I don't want to do this, but I do want to give it. If that makes any sense. It would be fine if all I had to do was remember and give the talk, but I hate typing talks out.

    I was wondering if someone could record the talk with their phone, or MP3 recorder, or if they can call in and record it with a microphone on their PC or something or if they can give me their congregation conference number so I can call in, or if the congregation has it set up so that only certain phone numbers can call in, then maybe we can setup 3 way calling or something. :P

    I can pay $5 via Paypal as gratuity, if you want, but I would be so glad if someone can help me out!


  • Billzfan23

    You should grow a pair and tell your parents that you aren't doing it.

  • garbonzo

    Some people love their parents, unlike others. Love isn't exclusive to women.

  • Giordano

    Neither is typing skills

  • blondie

    Just cut and paste and throw in an appropriate scripture.

  • garbonzo

    @Giordano Huh? I just don't want to take the time. :P

  • fade_away

    (ahem) "Brothers and sisters. If god's kingdom provides homes, employment, and security for all, then why are so many JWs out of work and on foreclosures? Why do JWs get mugged in the streets just like the worldly people do? Why are JWs feeling the effects of bad economies just as the worldly people are? It's because either we are NOT god's people, or god doesn't care about us, or god is dead, or god never existed. That's why..."(walk off stage)

  • Hortensia

    If you don't want to preach stuff that you don't agree with, use reporting language. "Here at (stick in a scripture) it says that..." "Here in the (insert JW article or book) it says that this means..."

    Then you aren't saying things you don't believe in, you're not saying whether you agree with the stuff you are reporting. You just quote the relevant scriptures and Wt literature.

  • jmorgan74

    Dude, just do it. Or don't. I will say this, and it may sound odd to many of you, but I really enjoyed the time I spent preparing for and giving those sorts of talks. It gave me a good taste of public speaking at a young age. I cherish those experiences.

    Go do it, you might learn something you enjoy.


  • MrFreeze

    garbonzo is just lazy. It has nothing to do with not believing in it.

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