Stop making the BINARY error of Jehovah's Witness theology

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  • Terry

    True or False.

    Black or White.

    Life or Death.

    The above are binary. Either/or. This or That.

    Computing is based on binary choices. Decisions nodes and pathways split into OPTIONS: Y/N

    IF this....THEN..that.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have a very effective error contained in their teaching buried deep inside the theology.

    It is BINARY.

    JW's teach AS THOUGH religious doctrines exist as actual reality by linking real things to phony choices

    A person schooled in science with a logical mind immediately grasps this difference between Jehovah's Witness methods and ordinary religious instruction.

    The JW at your doorstep or conducting a bookstudy is ASSUMING into evidence a non-foundational fact, however.

    That "fact" is a poison pill. It should be the deal killer. Instead, it is a hot selling point that grabs many victims!

    Certainty and confidence become hardened into absolutes WHEN THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DOUBT.

    Why? Because, life on planet earth has long been based on LIFE or DEATH decisions. Fight or Flight. Live or Die.

    A split second momentary choice is the difference between existence and non-existence.

    At least, we have been conditioned that way by our ancestors.

    Is it any wonder we RESPOND to binary certainty?

    Jehovah's Witnesses historically have tried to make connections between the flimsy and whimsical and hardcore, concrete fact.

    They BLEND the two into a chimera.

    Pyramid chronology mixed a REAL monument with speculative math to produce the chimera of DATES of significance.

    The Dispensation Chart :Divine Plan of the Ages mixed actual historical eras with bible blather to symbolize a pattern both predictive and solid.

    End Times writings created the proper setting of LIFE or DEATH that triggered a natural pavlovian survival response; EITHER/Or.


    Connecting actual events: earthquakes, riots, natural disaster, wars, famine, disease epidemics with dire Biblical "facts" (chronology)=BINARY

    life or death response decisions.

    The organization itself in Watchtower Society everyday life has become centered on BINARY control issues.

    What has been removed WHICH IS PRESENT IN NON CULT religious settings is:

    Debate, doubt, opinion, loyal opposition, factions, or even permission to hold some views while rejecting others.

    BINARY control signals permission to RELAX your speculative functions.

    Watch carefully:

    1.Since there is no debate going on there must BE NONE....therefore there is nothing TO debate.

    2.Since there are no counter opinions being voiced....this must be True and not opinion.

    3.Since only apostates and ungodly worldly people disagree......this must be righteous truth.

    The mechanism for sniffing out flaws, problems, error and doubt is SURGICALLY REMOVED in Kingdom Halls and in family life.

    What happens next is stunning!

    With nothing to doubt, a person of faith hardens into ABSOLUTE thinking....binary thinking...CERTAINTY.

    There is no drug on earth as powerful as ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY!

    When this thinking is connected to religious alignment with life or death matters it is INVINCIBLE to persuasion from outside!

    That is why JW's call their religion THE TRUTH. Not "truth", mind you...but: THE Truth...because binary thinking now allows no competition.

    Hitler used binary thinking and Absolute Certainty to create an army that threatened to sweep away everybody else's world but his own Vision of a Third Reich lasting a 1000 years. His followers became capable of anything.

    Jehovah's Witness binary thinking use Absolute Certainty to create a cult dedicated to sweeping away everybody else's world but their own Vision of

    a 1000 year reign of an invisible Christ.

    What you and I were victim to was the hijacking of our SURVIVAL instincts. That is why JW messages are always ARMAGGEDON COMING SOON death notices.

    Religious "belief" in bible and god is welded into links combining history, chronology, prophecy math and fear of death.

    All doubt is removed. Naysayers are removed. Disagreement is demonized.

    BINARY CHOICE is built into every action taken, every relationship formed, every word read and every thought engendered.

    LIFE or DEATH.

    To stop making the BINARY error of Jehovah's Witness theology effective it must be exposed for what it is.

    Superstition is not fact.

    Bible is not divine.

    Chronology is flim-flam.

    Dissent is intelligent thinking

    Proof is results and not claims

    Authority must be earned and accessible or it is fascist.

    The number one question for Jehovah's Witnesses is DOES YOUR ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY not come from your INABILITY to QUESTION your own AUTHORITY? The second question is WHY IS THERE NO PLATFORM for defending different viewpoints without being labeled ENEMY?

    If Jehovah's Witness religion is truly CHRISTIAN where are your Charities, hospitals, colleges, homeless shelters,etc?

    If door to door work is the identity of your religion why has it centered on DOCTRINES PROVED WRONG time after time after time?

    Why WARN of events that NEVER COME TO PASS if it is the TRUTH?

    If you LOVE your ENEMIES why do you disfellowship them and label them APOSTATE and call them mentally unbalanced and refuse to pray for them?

    These and other questions should be made more public to identify the real hook in the bait that snags many a catch for this binary religion.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Wow this is a great post. I love the way you reason and this post really helped me to understand the religion even more then I had before.

    I am definitely going to keep this post to try to reason with myself much less my husband.

    Thanks again Terry for another great thought provoking way of looking at the "truth."


  • mummatron

    Another great thread Terry. Appeals to my inner computer scientist.

    Embrace fuzzy logic. There is such a shade as grey.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Astute as always, Terry!

  • designs

    Veritas Tyrannus

  • Terry

    The only thing any JW ever has to say to an EX-JW is the "Time is can still come back".


    Because, at the gut level--this is where it all starts: LIVE or DIE!

    Nominal mainstream Chrisitianty is relaxed into the "fact" of having been saved from calamity.

    The have an inner calm assurance.

    Stark contrast to the frantic JW who has to stay on that treadmill and grind, crank, go-go-go to prove each day

    to their "what have you done for me lately" authorities how "worthy" they are.

    An intellectually honest person automatically assumes their own mind can be changed by facts not yet heard. It is called listening.

    A JW doesn't listen so much as they wait their turn to counter your argument.

  • blond-moment

    Excellent post, it does explain a lot. I'm definately going to use that #1 question, and it's reasoning. Brilliant.

  • Billen76

    Which is the nature of the fear in JW that are so strong whenever they move out of the percieved "safezone". Sense of being in a life-or-death situation. Often irrational and beyond awareness, but nonetheless there.

    A very fine post worthy of not sinking into the oblivion as a part of the mass of posts created here.

  • ProdigalSon

    People are people, born into all types of circumstances, and then programmed by the media, teachers, parents, and other mentors with all sorts of false ideas about life and what they're supposed to do with it. You could start out rich with good influences or poor with bad influences. The personality is formed during the first seven years of life. It then takes living that life to learn the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. It's called wisdom, and it doesn't come from eating the fruit of a tree. That "God" would somehow draw a line between eternal life and eternal destruction based on one life is something I could never wrap my head around. Add to that the idea that it only matters what you happen to be doing when judgment day comes around, and that really clinches it:

    It is a lie.

    Thank you Terry, another great post

  • mindseye

    Excellent post, Terry. It really is a great insight into the psychology behind JW theology.

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