anyone else ever think this was strange?

by cptkirk 23 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • moshe

    A seach of will find that they don't criticize, Mormons, Muslims and especially Scientology (zero mention). Now generic Christendom still gets kicked, but not as badly as I remember from the 70's.

  • factfinder

    The ybs from the 70's included Iraq and Iran and a few other countries from that area. But there were only around 34 publishers in those countries.

  • Nabeena

    In the middle east, the religion is strictly monotheistic, they do believe in Jesus as messiah and they do believe in a lot of things touted by the WT such as morality, not using drugs or alcohol, not taking blood. Maybe they figure they are preaching to the choir. . . So, really, what are they gonna tell them? Not to celebrate Christmas? To respect their parents? To preach? (lot more monotheistic Muslims and it is fastest growing religion, so. . . . seriously.) Seriously, they have less gripes with Islam than with most other religions that I can think of. If you do one of those "what religion am I" tests, as a JW, you might find that the test ID's you as Muslim. No, it's not the same, but basic teachings are not dis-similar.

    Besides, they couldn't get visas to preach in most of the countries, and the ones that they could get visit visas for would kick them out pretty darn quick.

  • dogon

    Blonde I left in 95 when they changed the meaning of Generation, from a closed time to an open we are all in that time but its still very close. That was too much for me to stomach. People have given up relationships,jobs,dreams and more for this line of shit. I now tell anyone who will listen that this org is a cult and is destructive and dangerous. Keep away from them and keep your family away from them. They are as dangerous as scientologists or Mooneys. They have never been right on one thing they have ever predicted and have changed so much that you would be disfellowshiped for teaching anything that C.T Russell taught.

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