anyone else ever think this was strange?

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  • cptkirk

    when you were in the borg looking at the yearbook, none of the middle-eastern countries were accounted for were they? did it ever strike anyone as odd that the region of the world which this religion was born in, had no "preaching" work being carried out there? all the while the wtbs is shouting the end is sooo close? at the same time hinging their reasoning on matthew 24:14....

    and then where did they pull that "there will be some obscure areas of the world that dont receive the preaching work" - you ever hear that one? wonder where they pulled that one out of...they are the commanders in chief of double talk aren't they.

  • designs

    The GB are scared shitless by Muslim Fundamentalists.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Countries where the work was banned were never mentioned by name. They were all lumped in to single group.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    "there will be some obscure areas of the world that dont receive the preaching work"

    I had always wondered about this, myself. How hard would it be for an omnitpotent god to ensure that every person on earth heard the message. If not from the preaching work, then through some other means. I guess Jehovah is just not very creative, or resourceful.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Anyone good at percentages? How much of this earth DONT they cover I wonder? *scatches head*

  • sizemik

    The line I got was . . . "Jehovah is continually opening up the work in new territories . . . and will speed it up in his own time". Also, "You will by no means complete the circuit of the cities . . . blah blah". And then the old chestnut "Wait on Jehovah brother . . . we don't want to move ahead of the celestial chariot"

    It was always a pea under the mattress . . . that never really got soothed.

    @Paula . . . not sure if actual statitics exist . . . but based on the populations of areas where they're banned or very low numbers . . . it's probably fair to say well in excess of 50% of the worlds population have never heard of JW's.

    So "all the inhabited earth" is the minor portion of it . . . evidently.

  • fallen_princess

    I remember asking about this during family study once and I also got some line how we don't mention the work that is being done in those countries because it would cause trouble for those working the territories if the authorities got a hold of that information. I do believe that Designs put it more eloquently than I ever could!

  • cptkirk

    well you know no little girls are handing ahmidinajad any tracts....supposedly a little girl gave g.bush a tract. no idea if that was a fable or what.

  • fallen_princess

    It had to have been just one of those JW stories that get passed around IMO. How is it that just any random little girl be allowed to get near the president without security being all over it, you'd think, no?


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