Any Tourettes syndrome in your congregation?

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  • blondie
    lmao...that made my entire day worth living today.
    matter of fact i did goto a congregation with a guy like this. was funny as hell.
    Would have been hilarious if the guy had of yelled " WHAT THE F**K !!!! "
    I guess that comes from my warped sense of humor, any hoo, carry on ;)
  • cptkirk

    i feel like i already had this debate on this forum. some goofy highfalutin brother going into a speech during a watchtower study, and the perfect justice occurs....the special needs guy begins clapping for him? you can't write comedy scripts this funny. i cant believe i'm justifying myself to you. but here, i'll give you what you want:

    i dont think special needs people are funny to laugh at. i respect all people regardless of their abilities, because i respect life. i value empathy as a human quality, and strive to help people. i also strive to preserve the dignity of any special needs individual.

    ok you happy now?

  • wasblind

    Blondie, there is nowhere in my statement

    where I am laughing at a person with a disability, I said it would be

    hilarious if he had of said " What the F**k " after a brother had of said

    to " wait on Jehovah " I would have been laughing at the elder

    Good Gosh !!!!

  • watersprout

    Years ago a younge bro went out with one of my now ex dubbie friends... He suffered with tourettes and it was awful! He was staying at Carrots house and phoned to see if he was there. My MIL answered and as this lad was talking he randomly shouted out BITCH... My MIL went beserk and when I tried to explain his tourettes she wouldn't listen.. This poor lad was made very unwelcome in the house and was not allowed to ever set foot in it again. He could only stay there as he had travelled down and his mom wouldn't let him stay at his g'friends house or any house with girls there. Hence thats how he ended up at Carrots... He apologised and was mortally embarressed... But no my MIL was CONVINCED he had purposely called her a bitch.... *sigh*

    My MIL and FIL refused to speak to him and the poor lad left very early the next morning. Luckily it was late when he arrived at Carrots and Carrot took him straight upstairs to set up a bed for him. Shows the love they have for others though doesn't it??

    Also Carrots family and dubbies we knew watched a program on tourettes and found it hilarious all the way through! I was disgusted to say the least!


  • wasblind

    I understand where your coming from watersprout

    Blondie was out right accussing me of blatantly laughing at

    people with disabilities, but in my response I should have made it

    clear that i would have been laughin' at the elders response

  • watersprout

    I knew what you meant wasblind... I would have been laughing at the elder too... I hope you don't think my post was aimed at you?? Because it wasn't, not in the least... I knew what you meant. I was just putting across what I knew about tourettes... It was in response to the op.


  • Elgiard

    I think it's possible to laugh at a funny situation without laughing at the disabled people who caused it. Funny is funny. If that makes me a bad person, then I'm the worst of them all.

  • jwfacts

    In Parramatta congregation there was a sister with schizophrenia and an older brother with tourettes. He would say "f##K" during the meeting, but only when a pretty sister walked past him. He clearly had mental illness, but it was so directly triggered by pretty sisters that it was hard to know if it really was tourettes. Some of the sisters were disappointed that he did not swear when seeing them, as it was considered an indication of how good they looked.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    Some of the sisters were disappointed that he did not swear when seeing them, as it was considered an indication of how good they looked.


  • outsmartthesystem

    No, but it is stuff like that that allowed me to keep my sanity for the last few years while fading. I would just listen for comments from the more uneducated crowd. Those are always gold! Double negatives. People making up their own words like....humbleness and misunderestimate....etc.

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