Are you an "apostate"?

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  • transhuman68

    LOL. Apostate-schamostate. It's just cult-speak. From inside the bubble looking out... you see apostates. When the bubble bursts... there are only people. People who waste their time at the KH, and people who don't.

  • maksym

    An apostate can defined by various means. In its most raw form it is the abandonment of ones religous, political or idealogical ideals in exchange for another. In laymans terms it is a traiter to what one believes based on the perspective of the group that one had belonged to.

    Most jehovah's witnesses are apostates because they left their belief systems and traded them in for another.

    My grandpa, for example, was raised Lutheran, and eventually became a baptized JW. He, therefore was an apostate to the Lutheran church based on the above definition.

    There are probably more apostate witnesses than not. The whole religion is based off of apostacy. Historically CT Russel was an apostate to the Prypeterian church.

    HISTORICALLY IT IS A RELIGION OF APOSTATES only to feed off of others and perpetuate their cause.

    If you don't want to be an apostate then get out and find true Christianity or life in Christ.

    The label is of no importance.

    Proud to be an anti-apostate of the apostates of Christ


  • TG-Jasper

    When I'm talking to jws or x-jws online I will describe myself as an apostate so you all know where I stand.

    If I'm talking to people who don't have this background I describe myself as an antitheist.

  • Focus

    Long ago, the Sicksiety abandoned any pretence of following Biblical (or even dictionary) definitions for things that didn't quite suit them.

    Anyone who opposes the Evil Trash-Publishing, Child-Raping, Murderous Brooklyn Cult of Liars is branded an Apostate...

    or any other foul insult they can come up with.



    ("Apostate" Class)

  • forest heathen
    forest heathen

    I am a former JW.

    Apostate is their word. Not mine.

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