Are you an "apostate"?

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  • Hortensia

    I don't mind if they call me an apostate. In fact, I think it's funny. It makes them shiver in their boots. I'd like to shake my old lady apostate boobs at them and see them run for the hills.

    Hortensia of the inappropriate-sense-of-humor class.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Many aspects of life can be called apostate.

    One can be an apostate from a political party, from a sporting club, from a religion etc.

    It is merely the act of renouncing ones ideals and moving on to a new set, becoming Democrat after leaving the republicans, or leaving the catholic church to join or start another, swaping from the Adelaide crows to port power...

    The problem with the term is that religions have made it a slur on ones character, and religions like the JWs take it further by adding shunning to make the word even more filthy. Fundementalist muslims go a bit further by wanting to chop of the heads of apostates from their ranks.

    SO, anyone who has ever changed opinions, ideals, football clubs or religions is in actuality, an apostate from something.

    One does not have to be public about oposition to a religion like the JWs to be a real apostate, thats just the way they like to twist it. The simple act of say, commiting adultery, getting disfellowshipped and deciding to never return even if you still think they are the truth, is by definition an act of apostasy. It is leaving a previously held set of beliefs with another, such as just being a normal non religious person.

    oz, who by dictionary definition, was an apsotate long before he even knew there was anything wrong with the JWs

  • jookbeard

    the irony is that the WTS is the most apostate man made contemporary high control cult the world has ever seen and has far more blood on it's hands then Jones town/Waco/Plymouth Brethren put together 100's over, but we go along with the stupid label the cult puts on his for irony that it brings, in my JC on the charge of "apostasy" the Bible was never opened once to show the terrible sin I had committed.

  • alanv

    When anyone on a JW forum calls me an apostate, I remind them that actually many of them are too. If they came from another religion to being a JW it is exactly the same as me leaving their religion.

    Having said that I always call witnesses who have left the religion for any reason ex witnesses. That is not only more polite it is more accurate.

  • fade_away

    Charles Russell abandoned the Adventist ways to become the leader of his own cult. So that makes the founder of the WT an apostate.

  • cedars

    It seems that opinion is divided on this one!

    Some object to any label the society would wish to slap on them, some see the whole thing as meaningless and aren't bothered either way, some are willing to accept the label of apostate in its broadest possible sense, namely that it simply means to deviate from something.

    I find it interesting because there's people from a variety of different backgrounds and beliefs on JWN, and it's fascinating to see how these backgrounds and beliefs shape their reaction to that label. I personally can't stand it, purely because it has negative connotations. Who are the society to insist, without any evidence, that they have the truth, and that therefore I have deviated from it?

    I should point out that I have yet to be labelled an apostate by any Witness, but I have some fairly strong reactions waiting for anyone who tries.

  • IsaacJ22

    Sometimes, people can take ownership of a thing and the sting goes away.

    "You're an apostate!"

    "Yeah, and proud of it."

    Kind of how being a geek has become something of a good thing. When I was a kid, being a geek was a lot like being a nerd. A dweeb. Etc.

    For me, there is no sting. I'm generally moved to shrug my shoulders or shake my head at them, but that's about it. I'd prefer it if they left me alone anyway. Their interventions are a tremendous (and irritating) waste of time.

    The only disturbing thing is how painfully effed up it is to demand that someone have a conversation with you about something that is THEIR religion--because it is no longer yours--then get bent out of shape when you tell them that you feel their faith is less than praiseworthy. And so, in retaliation, they call you an apostate that must be shunned. Even though they're the ones who started the converstaion you didn't even want to have!

    Of course, I'm merely a bad associate officially. In truth, the difference is merely one of degree. It's a very cult-like thing to do. To me, it's just pitiful and obvious.

  • cptkirk

    satire... it's like a group of people who preach that alcohol consumption turns you into the devil. and then all the beer drinkers proudly wearing their devil arm-patch.

  • blond-moment

    I have no problem being called an apostate. I call myself an apostate. For me, it's freedom. I remember how that word used to strike terror in me. It was suppose to. If you dare to leave, the WTS WANTS you to leave quietly, to keep quiet, to not speak out. Continue to be loyal to them by staying quiet. Since I have no love for the WTS, since I now can see everything, I refuse to do what THEY want.

    My calling myself an apostate has nothing to do with me, it is however a big FU to the WTS. They have totally lost their grip on me. I am not afraid anymore, and I won't do what they want. I wont keep quiet.

  • GLTirebiter

    Nope, I never let the WT turn me into an apostate. That's what I would have become had I joined them.

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