Double Lives of JW Youth

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  • steve2

    Young women tend to be bitches anyway, it's just that the young women who are JWs are bitches in a different way (i.e., use religious beliefs to keep you at arm's distance). The story of adolescence and early adulthood is one of desperately trying to fit in with one's peers and feeling not quite like you're up to their full approval. That it happens in the JWs is hardly extraordinary but you'd think the 'one'true religion would be free of such developmental immaturity. It needs to be an eye-opener that they are as susceptible to the cruel norms of youth as the next group. As for the young JW males asking her out, that's men isn't it? They tend to be ruled by what's in their pants: Use you then lose you.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Her teacher says things like "It's so important we go to meetings because Armageddon could come when we're in a kingdom hall and all together

    Ask her what happens if Armageddon comes when they're on the booze in a night club and all together?

    Is her study conductor more likely to survive if Armageddon happens while she is in a night club and your daughter isn't there? If not .... Why wouldn't she invite her?

    If Armageddon happened while you were in the night club, would Jehovah have killed you, but not the Study Conductor?

    You want to know the answers to these questions because you don't want Jehovah to kill you.

    BTW, if you are wanting to teach your daughter that she will burn in Hell for eternity if she doesn't get into your God's good books that's not much of a carrot for getting her out of a cult that only preaches oblivion for the sinners.

  • punkofnice
    "It's so important we go to meetings because Armageddon could come when we're in a kingdom hall and all together"

    So, let me think!! (I'm laughing at this statement BTW!)

    I live in the UK and we do not share the same time line as other countries! So, if the big 'A' (work with me), were to strike when your daughter is at the Kingdom Hall what would that mean for JW's in Australia, UK, Switzerland..etc...etc....?

    It's just another tactic to guilt and frighten your daughter into allowing her mind to be cleansed to watchtower specification!

    "Minds must be cleansed" (Watchtower, June 1, 1953, p. 350 par. 24). Blatant isn't it!! Brains must be washed!!

    I also notice the propagandist proceedure of the ''WHAT IF'' scenario. What if the big 'A' came? Well. WHAT IF it didn't? It's just a fear tactic to get them trapped in a cult that is losing money. The leaders of the cult (the 7 headed beast), the GB don't want to lose their delusion of sanctity or their power over people...............and their cushy lifestyle.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Well. WHAT IF it didn't?

    That's a good question for her.

    What if the WT is full of crap and their Armaggedon with it?

    If it is, she spends the next 80 years of her life indoctrinating scores of other people into a cult that lets it's children die (blood) and wreaks havoc on family ties. That's a helluva mistake.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was a born in. My parents were very abusive and everyone in the hall knew it but did nothing to help me. Not even the elders or their familes. I was never included in anything as a child or young teenager and it really hurt so horribly, I spent most of my teenage years being hugely depressed blaming myself for not being liked, not being good enough. I thought it was because of me and who I was, that I came from the wrong side of the tracks so to speak. I thought if I could just prove myself to them that I was a good person they would like me. It never happened.

    When I got to be in my late teens I totally embraced the religion as I felt that would be the only way I would fit in. I truly in all my heart felt it was the true religion. Even though I pioneered, went to Bethel and even married an elder I was still never included. I would sit for hours and hours while we drove around in field service in the rural's listening to the fun they had the night before or the fun they were going to have that night or the next night at one of their party's.

    As I got older the pain of being left out still hurt. I remember being in my mid 30's a elder's wife sitting at the book study and listening to a group of them all getting ready to go a bike ride the next Saturday after field service saying to me that it was going to be so much fun and how they wished that I could join them but they knew I was just to busy. I said to them my husband and I can go we could make the time but somehow they said that the cars were all fulled up and there was not going to be room for us, etc. The pain of being left out hurt even then like it did when I was a teenager.

    Like I said I have been a pioneer, an elder's wife, to Bethel but nothing I did ever helped me to fit in. The fact that JW's intermarry is huge. Families tend to stick together so even if you are included you still feel like you should not be there as you are not part of their family.

    Clique's are huge in the religion also and you can never break through them, clique's have been in all the halls I have even been in.

    As far as having to be at the meetings I too went though a stupid faze like that. I do not know where it came from but I think it was the hypnotism of the cult that does it to you. It was like I had to be at the meetings no matter what even when I was sick, then when I got there was treated like garbage by everyone I would get very depressed. Yet the next meeting I just had to be there. I truly do think it is brainwashing by the religion cult.

    I hope your daughter runs from this before she wastes her life. Life is really too short for this, I know because I wasted a huge part of my life stuck in the cult.


  • clarity

    "Her teacher says things like "It's so important we go to meetings because Armageddon could come when we're in a kingdom hall and all together" UNBELIEVABLE. but it's working on my kid. "

    Camicia Hi,

    the witnesses have been spouting words like these for as long as I've been 'IN' ..... 50 years!!!

    What is really funny, is that we used to believe that the book study was the # ONE meeting that must not be missed as this was our special rendezous place when the tribulation started!! This was the "prearranged" place for all the Armageddon instructions!

    Guess what .... this meeting was cancelled! Their reason ... to save gas!! ha ha ha! After 50 years and more of believing and they wiped that right out of our heads in one watchtower, in 2 minutes flat!!!!!hhhhhaaaaaahahahahahahah

    Oh btw, those young bitches girls will be the same at 50 as they are now, cliquey, catty and phony! Not much to look forward to! Good luck!

    Lits .....(()) they are not worthy of you.


  • howdidtihappen

    I wish you luck, Camicia. But speaking of JW youth, from what I've seen, half of them have no idea what to be. I have associated with JW's who aren't too moral, have one personality in the hall and another outside it, and one that cracked me up: a young guy with an empty bedroom. Only a TV and bed. No pictures of anything on the walls (like girls, bands, etc) and when i said something about it (it's WEIRD when you're outside looking in) he said the blank walls were how he focused on Jehovah and quoted some scripture like cutting off your arm if it stumbled you, and how sinful it is to even look at a woman with desire. The Watchtower should print out some posters for those bare walls. Like some of those armageddon images. LOL.

    So yeah. The youth just don't know who they are or how to be themselves because they don't have that freedom.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    seems like harold camping is right and armageddon comes at 6:00pm, passing every time zone one by one. you can evade armageddon by booking a flight to japan right before the fun starts.

  • agonus

    Maybe you can try a different approach. Tell her you're also concerned about Satan's influence on her and her eternal future. Tell her you WANT her to serve Jehovah, and NOT men. Then show her from the WT's own literature (and believe me there's plenty available) where even THEY acknowledge that ultimately it IS up to Jehovah, and not ANY man - themselves included - and that Satan has gotten to the organization and its leadership in the past, i.e. the pyramidology and other past teachings are now considered to be of Satanic origin. Then show her the change in the 2 public baptism candidate questions (where Christ and the Holy Spirit were dropped and the Organization was inserted in its place). Then ask her if it's at all possible that Satan may be influencing the organization in any way now. If it's even a remote possibility, is that risk one worth taking? Reassure her that you love her very much, as I know you do, and that if Jehovah has the power to defeat Satan if you have faith in Jehovah and Jehovah alone, then she has nothing to fear, organization or no organization.

    Remember this crucial point: Everything the WT has ever written is directly contradicted by... everything the WT has ever written. Which might just contribute to a double life, I dunno...

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