Double Lives of JW Youth

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  • cptkirk

    just be careful. if you push to hard, it might make things worse than they are. maybe print out some of the "best of" articles from this web page, show her just how deep the hypocrisy runs. then reason with her, if god has an organization, would it be this corrupt? (in a tactful way, tact not being my strong point personally, but it's required at times unfortunately).

  • MrFreeze

    Have her read JWN...

  • camicia

    So it begins. Daughter tells her she's not going to any meetings this weekend. No response.

    Here comes the light, god willing.

  • talesin

    JW boys on the other hand (minus the strict ones with parents in high places) have invited her out and she never goes because she doesn't want the girls thinking she's romantically interested in any of them and she doesn't feel entitled as i mentioned.

    This is a bright spot. Marriage offers can come on the first date! "If you get baptized, we can be together."

    I'm hopeful for you, camicia.


  • ziddina

    Man, this one's a head-scratcher...

    Those girls are MAJOR manipulators - and they're using "Mother's" techniques...

    Make your daughter feel like she's not good enough - and what teenager has enough self-confidence to overcome THAT 'knife-in-the-back', anyhow?

    I sure wish you could get your daughter to go to another church - churches - just to check out what else is out there...

    Of course, you'd want to go along to those other churches - even preview them - just to be sure your daughter isn't going from the frying pan into...

    But a typical Lutheran... Episcopalian... moderate Baptist... even Seventh-Day Adventist church would be better than that Jehovah's Witness situation!!

    Zid the atheist She-Devil

  • camicia

    Thank you talesin, and ziddina. Talesin, don't get me started on the marriage garbage. I have been around witnesses and the families all marrying into each other reminds me of inbreds. SO ODD. My daughter calls it "nice." Spare me. They have already planted the seed "You won't get a better husband than in the truth" (PUKE) or how's this one for a laugh: "It doesn't matter if you stay single until the new system. You'll get a PERFECT man then! Like Job's sons!" This is what the JW youth believe! LOL. I shouldn't laugh, my daughter could be one tomorrow.

    Ziddina, I'm trying to convince her that she doesn't have to belong to any church or religious cult to follow Jesus. That's what she feels. She's also been brainwashed enough already to think the world is bad and she's in the best possible care with JW's. Because her stupid teacher told her "We have the holy spirit, we're always protected." I could go on and on with the ridiculous crap that has come from this girl, but it makes me too angry.

    Today I approached young witnesses in the street witnessing, and by witnessing i mean standing outside a coffee shop in the main street of town chatting amongst themselves. They ended up running away from me because i expressed my doubts with the religion and talked about the hypocrisy I've seen. They had nothing to say in defense. This afternoon my daughter got a phone call to socialize with them tonight. What a crock! Couldn't care less about her any other time, but now they know that I'm an apostate, they're trying to get her out of the home environment for the evening. Unfortunately she can't see that.

  • cptkirk

    "we have the holy spirit we're always protected" <---really not hard to disprove this. so my advice is stick with that ONE QUOTE...dont ever go off topic. find the pages upon pages upon pages upon pages of info available to disprove this. if you allow her to constantly go off in different directions (with her reasoning) you will go nuts. again nail her down on that one quote, day after day bring more info to her that proves that her quote is nonsense. if you really want to win, you gotta be disciplined like this in your approach. you dont have to be militant, just provide the information continously from thousands of different people's lives, in different time periods/countries, who were supposedly protected. whether that evident lack of protection is in regards to people dying in germany, or just women marrying men that beat the hell out of them in "the truth"...or a witness that is murdered in a random act in new york city, or whatever.

    once that argument is done, she will probably say we are spiritually protected. which ofcourse i have no idea what that even means. if she comes back with that, you may as well just throw the towel in because it's over unfortunately.

  • InterestedOne
    she says she does want out but feels guilty that she wasted the girls time.

    If the girl conducting her study does anything, even subtly, to imply your daughter should feel guilty for wasting the conductor's time, I would try to explain to your daughter that the suggestion is manipulative and unacceptable behavior. Your daughter should not feel that she owes the study conductor anything. The bible study is presented as free. That means no strings attached. If the study conductor is attaching any strings, she is violating the terms of the bible study. Your daughter should feel free to stop at any time without anyone suggesting she wasted their time. Car salesmen use this tactic on potential buyers. They subtly suggest that the potential buyer should feel guilty for wasting the salesman's time if they don't buy. Teach her to not let people do that to her.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    she will probably say we are spiritually protected


    If she is 'spiritually protected' then would she come to harm by defending her religion to a non-believer?

    If she claims she can't defend her religion to a non-believer, is she claiming that she is not 'spiritually protected'?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    They ended up running away from me because i expressed my doubts with the religion and talked about the hypocrisy I've seen.

    The WT has set a trap for her.

    They have warned her that she will get opposition from family.

    If you oppose her, you fulfill that prediction.

    You might be better off getting her to try to save you from Armageddon.

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