The (deafening) Sound of Silence

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  • Terry

    Here are a few tips from a Casino expert about slot machines:

  • If someone hits a big payout at a machine that you just left, don't think that you "missed" a payout. You would not have gotten that payout if you had been playing because you wouldn't have pulled the slot machine at the exact fraction of a second that the other person did.
  • Because each pull on the machine is independent, a machine is never "due to hit".
  • A machine can go for days without a decent payout
  • Walk into a Las Vegas Casino and you enter a scathingly brilliant array of blinking lights, ringing bells and one-armed bandits called SLOT MACHINES.

    Human psychology is exploited ingeniously by those ringing bells and the exciting plink plink plink Plink plonk plink of coins spilling out into the payoff slots.

    A Pavlovian scheme has cleverly been sprung!

    Here is how it works:

    Out of the hundreds of slot-machines row upon row throughout the casino hardly a second of silence goes by without the ring-ding-dinging payoff signals.

    Yes SIGNALs!

    The signal is an illusion purposefully created to engender a sense of WINNING!

    If so many machines are paying off so often--the signals tell us--aren't we crazy if we don't jump in to pull the handle to win also??

    The message is clear enough: by NOT playing you are LOSING!

    The reality behind this illusion is quite a stark contrast to the seeming certainty, however.

    The Casino boss (The House) can calibrate each machine to pay off at a certain per centage of pulls on the handle.

    The ratio might be as low as 3 out of one hundred pulls!

    However, if it were as high as 97 out of 100 the payoff would be so small the compensation would not be much of a jackpot!

    Bottom line? THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS.

    The Watchtower Society from about 1879 to today has called the world's attention to a different set of ringing bells.

    Like the fallacy of the ringing bells in the Casino, the conclusion of the Governing Body is equally at odds with reality!

    WORLD EVENTS seem to always be signalling a payoff of ARMAGEDDON! Watchtower articles point to earthquakes, famines, overpopulation predictions, meteor showers, wars, political unrest, financial upheavals

    pointedly: THESE EVENTS SIGNAL the payoff! Only a fool would want to lose by NOT PULLING THE HANDLE!

    For the Watchtower religion, "pulling the handle" is going door to door selling their magazines and books. The way to WIN is to stay with their TIPSHEET: the Truth.

    If you stop pulling the handle HOW are you going to WIN?

    These random world events are NOT a signal of any kind in terms of some specific signal, however.

    It is a fallacious INTERPRETATION of random activity distilled into "meaning".

    How many bitterly disappointed people have pulled that bogus handle again and again and again without any payoff at all?

    THE HOUSE is always changing the odds.....meaning: the theology is under constant revisions!

    You THINK Millions now living will never die and it is changed to Millions now living MAY never die and even that is changed to OVERLAPPING GENERATIONS!

    The odds are stacked against you ever winning.

    Who wins? THE HOUSE (Watchtower) ALWAYS WINS.

    Tell any active JW who is busy busy busy yanking that handle in hopes of payoff that they are being FOOLED by the ringing of random events into wasting their life savings on a fantasty.........?

    What will they say?

    Immediately they will urge you to LISTEN to those signals going off again and again!

    Like the dupes who pour their money into those lying, rigged machines, these JW's are caught up in a fever pitch of excitement hellbent on the FINAL JACKPOT: Armageddon.

    Those of us who spent way too much time on that Casino floor will tell you something very counterintuitive.


    It is the "nothing" which is the TRUE signal.

    it is the SILENCE that tells the true tale of reality.


    Isn't that clever?

    You can't point to nothing as proof!

    Silence isn't exciting!

    But, all the phony years Armageddon was supposed to payoff were SILENT YEARS.

    For me 1975 was the quiet which was deafening!

    Think about the (deafening) sound of THAT silence.

  • paulnotsaul

    Terry, You are going off today! First you an Outlaw are tag teaming the 'Fred Franz' thread. Now this excellent parallel. What 'da got up your sleeve next? peaceTerry paulnotsaul

  • Terry

    I've got a hairy elbow waiting!

  • cantleave

    Terry - once again you produce a corker of a thread.

  • clarity

    Terry ... astounding really, your grasp of the skulduggery of the watchtower gamble!

    A brilliantly portrayal ... on the dusty floor of a gaming room.


  • WTWizard

    At least, when you gamble, someone is going to win. True, it is all luck--your pull of the handle has to match to the micorsecond the secret payout number, and the odds of that happening by blind luck are low. But, if you pull the handle at just the right microsecond, you win. Someone else thinks they "almost" won--but someone is going to actually win.

    Which is more than can be said about the Washtowel Slavery. No one ever wins--everyone is "just one more pull" away from a win--but no one ever wins anything.

  • Ding

    The WT has JWs excited every time the bell rings.

    They never seem to notice that no money actually comes out of the machine...

    ... except "invisibly."

  • Terry

    The same set of circumstances lead always to the same warning cries. World woes=Armageddon soon!

    Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    The "signs of the times" are such a constant in this world throughout all ages they consist no sign at all!

    Contrast is necessary and there is none.

  • Nickolas

    Love it.

  • Terry

    The human mind! We can look at stars and see Hercules. We can look at clouds and see Abraham Lincoln.

    We can look at world events and (time after time, after time) see Armageddon creeping up in the corner of our mind's eye!

    Pattern seeking makes us discovery REAL mysteries while, conversely, allowing us to become very susceptible to religious cults who know how to feed the fear.

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