The (deafening) Sound of Silence

by Terry 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • designs

    Jesus was a Late Bronze Age Seer susceptible to all of the myths and fears that inhabit the natural world. He taught his followers to be just as superstitious.

  • mummatron
    Pattern seeking makes us discover REAL mysteries while, conversely, allowing us to become very susceptible to religious cults who know how to feed the fear.

    Amen Terry! If only DJ Egg-on-its-face, Largesin & wh4t'5th3p01nt0fth3l3tt3r5andnumb3r5 would wake up to that!

  • Diest

    Terry FTW (for the win)

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    The House always wins....

    I was on a free business trip to Sin City. Everything compt , including a nice amount to gamble with. I cashed that part in and went to the cigar shop and bought a beautiful German pen. Ahh extasy of the

    Terry, you cashed your chips in and are a gifted thinker and writer.

    I enjoy reading your perspective.

  • Terry

    Governing Body to Kingdom Hall dwellers: MEMO: LET IT RIDE!!!

  • james_woods

    Sadly, this - like the Lottery - is a form of tax on people who cannot understand statistical math.

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