Article-"News analysis: Inside the Brooklyn Bridge Park deal" - “The Jehovah’s Witnesses have been the immense beneficiaries”

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  • Mary

    I can't help but wonder what all the Bethelites who got kicked to the curb a few years ago due to "downsizing", will think when they see how much cha-ching Mother is going to be raking in.

    The sad thing is: none of this money will be given to the needy or the poor, even amongst their own. Did you lose your job? Good! Now you can pioneer. Don't have enough to feed your kids? Tough shit---go to Satan's world for a handout; Jehovah's world doesn't give a crap if you die from starvation. Just don't do it on any of their properties, 'kay?

    Yet another example of how the rich get richer, usually at the expense of the poor.

  • flipper

    This makes me want to puke all over the WT leaders. A$$holes

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Is there truly no stream of income set up for those being kicked out of Bethel? It would only take a small percentage. I've asked this before but what does the Society do with its money? Granted the lit is produced by nearly slave labor but the costs are minimal. I have no idea how much a regular KH contributes to the Society?

    Personally, I love parks! Without any taxing scheme, a park will increase the property values of the Brooklyn Bridge area by a huge amount. Central Park views are astronomical. Seeing the tip of Manhattan and the Battery must be breath-taking. For people with no contact with the world, they are very entrenched in a govtl process and city politics.

    Has anyone mentioned why this special funding process is necessary? I assume Central Park is funded from general revenues and the Central Park Conservancy. Living in NYC, we need both food money, school funding and green places of refuge.

  • factfinder

    The society still has not ironed out their issues regarding tax exemption in Ramapo and Warwick, NY- have they? So they still have not even begun to build the planned complexes there. If they were to sell off their Brooklyn properties now, where would they put the 1400 Brooklyn Bethelites?

    If they hold onto the 117 Adams St complex (former printery) they would have plenty of space for office, factory and residence- for 1,000 Bethelites. I would be very sad to see the 124 Blg with the two watchtowers, the 107 bldg and the 117 Adams street complex sold. The 25/30 (Squibb) complex too- I have alot of happy memories of those places.

  • factfinder

    Thank you for sharing these interesting articles.

  • ziddina

    Sir82: "Well, looks like the WTS won't need any donations for the next few decades....
    Spread the word! ..."

    LOL! Good point, Sir82!!

    Now to print this out and place it next to the front door... Having it ready for the next Jehovah's Witness to call...

  • sabastious
    Is there truly no stream of income set up for those being kicked out of Bethel?

    There has to be some plan for the high ups that were there decades. How could it be confirmed that these people are possibly in the bread lines?


  • agonus

    The Kool-Aid WT tells us "so-called normal" concerns like food and clothing are potentially dangerous (like everything else outside the ivory tower).

    The Awake! feature article is "how to manage money".

    Now this...

    So when do my kids see a check to help see them through Satan's Evil System? It's obviously going to be around for at least another, oh, let's say, 3 years.


  • agonus

    Pardon my language. My brain sometimes is unsure how else to respond to World's Most Excruciating Cognitive Dissonance.

    I'm sure you get my point. Let me put it in a more palatable fashion:

    Message directly from Jehovah to me to Splane & Co: "Hey guys, you are REALLY starting to make me look bad. Didn't my kid say something about orphans and widows?"

  • mrquik

    I'm sure the GB will be sending all of us who invested decades of our lives in this scam with hefty retirement checks. After all, we gave up saving for retirement because THE END IS NEAR. I'll keep checking my mailbox. Checks should be coming any day now....

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