Article-"News analysis: Inside the Brooklyn Bridge Park deal" - “The Jehovah’s Witnesses have been the immense beneficiaries”

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  • sir82

    Well, looks like the WTS won't need any donations for the next few decades....

    Spread the word!

  • leavingwt

    The land where the old Factory Complex sits, as well as the 85 Jay Street lot will be ideal for residential construction. The Manhattan views will bring a premium price. WT is truly going to make a killing.

    For the older couples who were put out to pasture by Bethel, after decades of volunteer work, it must really sting.

  • NewChapter

    The Manhattan views will bring a premium price. WT is truly going to make a killing.

    And the CO's will gleefully share this info with congregations as proof of Jehovah's blessing. At least that's what they did with some of the other property that was sold.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I totally agree with leavingwt can you even begin to imagine what it must feel like to be one of the older couples who they downsized out. I know when we were there I was in my late 20's and I had table heads who had come to Bethel when they were 19 years old then they married and now they were in their late 40's. They did not have a clue what the outside world was like. These are some of the ones they downsized out.

    I remember one couple like that and she got pregnant in her early 40's. The husband was my overseer toward the end of my stay there. He totally freaked out and begged and pleaded with Bethel to let him stay but Bethel said no way. Then she miscarried the baby and Bethel did agree to allow them to stay after that. The husband was so relieved that he did not have to face the world and live in it. This guy though he seemed really nice did not want to know any of the bad that was going on at Bethel it was almost like he would stick his fingers in his ears if he heard some of the garbage that was going on.

    I often wonder if if this couple were in the group that was downsized out. Some to the couples had no family's to fall back on. I know one couple who's parents disowned them for being JW's. If Bethel kicked them out they had no one and no place to go. I cannot even begin to imagine how totally freaked out they would be feeling.

    I guess I have more empathy for them then some of you might because at the time I was at Bethel I truly thought it was Jehovah's religion and I wanted to stay so bad we could have been one of those couples now and that thought totally freaks me out. Probably the best things that happened to me was getting a jerk of an overseer who truly hated me from the day I set foot in Bethel and made sure we did not stay.

    Now they have all of this money and so many of their members are struggling just to survive and then they print the latest WT that flipper just posted on about not trying to get ahead in this system.

    The hypocrisy and double standards of this religion no's no bounds.


  • Gayle

    well,, the GB, legal dept and Treasurers dept, must be in high 'paradise' mode right now. Well, they take it all as a blessing from Jehovah,,hey, when things are going good like this, then, it's human nature to think that way in whatever people's belief system is. Well, maybe athiests just take it as their full credit. Any way,,

    Now, they can still get any 'free' labor to tidy up anything necessary for their $1 billion sells. And then they will get free labor for their construction work necessary and moving labor to their "paradise" upstate.

    They don't need this "future" paradise like what they sell to their rank & file (and are eternally waiting for), the GB, legal dept. and Treasurer's dept already have it!!

  • Gayle

    also,,I hope the word gets out to the rank & file about this $1Billion,,so as to at least maybe psychologically relieve some or more of them from putting in as much in the so-called building fund or even the world-wide work funds. Hopefully, at least some money drain from the poor and tired rank & file slaves direction.

  • VM44

    Why do religions get so much money?

    It doesn't appear to matter if the religion's doctrines are dubious, made up, or wrong, they money still just pours in.

  • poopsiecakes

    Thanks for posting these articles, Barbara.

    Some comments from the links:

    I've never seen a religious group less concerned about money than JWs. They don't even pass a plate! But they do apply Biblical principles in all things, including their business dealings, so I am not surprised they are coming out ahead. You are either ignorant or dishonest. Either way, you have little credibility.
    (comment directed to Danny Haszard)

    The money the Watchtower gets should go to all those who's lives have been ripped appart by child abuse scandals and those families who have lost loved ones to an age old stance on receiving blood!

    Jehovah's Witnesses as always have done well with their five talents (Math 25:14-16) as would be expected from those entrusted with all the the different aspects associated with advancing the interests of God's Kingdom here on earth.

    It never ceases to amaze me how (depending on WHO is getting the giant wads of cash) it's either Jehovah's blessing or a trap from Satan.

  • sizemik
    Why do religions get so much money?

    I guess salvation is very important to a lot of people . . . and it doesn't come cheap . . . so they pay up.

    Lottery tickets are also expensive if purchased on a regular basis . . . and the odds are astronomical . . . but most who buy them do so regularly without knowing the odds . . . and never win.


    All is Well in WatchTower World

    The WBT$ makes Millions..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s get the Blame for Screwing the City..LOL!!

    The WBT$ tells JW`s they are being Persecuted..

    JW`s are Happy!..The WBT$ is Happy..

    ............................. ...OUTLAW

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