What's Fun in Boston?

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  • talesin

    You'll be near Mount Desert Island / Acadia Nat'l Park ,,, it's beautiful with awesome hiking/photo opportunities .. Bar Harbour is very touristy ....it's been a while, but there was an awesome shop that sold touristy junk in the front, but in the BACK ROOM, ahhh, beautiful stuff imported from the Med ... and cheap, cheap, cheap ... Augusta is quaint, I liked it.

    heads up --- the ticks are really bad this year, so if you're hiking/camping, do a daily check

    Maybe you can stop in and visit Stephen King --- he lives in a little town called "Derry" ...

    j/k he lives outside of Bangor (or as we call it here 'Banger, Maine').

    Have a great vaca, buddy!


  • coffee_black

    I live just outside Boston.

    Definitely have lunch or dinner in the North End. Lots of great Italian restaurants, and the home of Paul Revere, which you can tour.

    Close by is Fanuel Hall... Durgin Park is there... oldest restaurant in the country. and also the Union Oyster House just a couple of blocks away.

    Museum of Fine Arts. There is a recent addition that is spectacular! Close by is the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum...and if you time it right, there is music from some members of the Boston Symphony... you can hear the music throughout the museum. I'd suggest visiting Symphony Hall, but most of the musicians are away.at Tanglewood in western Mass for the summer season.

    The Kennedy center is just south of Boston.

    If you like to shop... Newbury Street... great shops and restaurants... and while you are there, the Boston Public Library is worth a visit, and it's just a couple of blocks away.

    MIT Museum...in Cambridge right on Mass Ave. if you go, eat lunch across the street at Sydney's at the MIT hotel.

    Boston Science Museum...

    You can ride the the Swan boats and visit the Boston Common... then take a walk up to Beacon Hill...you can even walk by John Kerry's house in Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill.

    If you want to venture a little further... Quincy is just south of Boston, and you can tour the home and birthplace of John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

    Plymouth is about an hour's drive south and is the home of Plymouth Plantation and the Mayflower. Plymouth itself is a Quaint little village with a lot of preserved history. There's also the Fairbanks House in Dedham, just south west of Boston. Built in 1634, and still standing.

    Along your drive to Maine, you might want to take a detour and stop in Salem... home of the witch trials... or Marblehead, which is a gorgeous town on the water north of Boston.

    There's lots more but that's a start.


  • SixofNine

    Thanks for all the advice, folks. Sounds like I could spend a week there and not run out of things to do. I think I'll take a day and a half or so in Boston when I fly in, and depending on how I feel, I can spend another day when we return to go home.

    I wonder how far from the heart of the city I have to go before I can find reasonable hotel rates.

    Ber, you done good on the pics; I love the lighthouse picture especially.

    tic check, ck. ;)

  • coffee_black
  • coffee_black

    For hotels, you might try Woburn, north of Boston by about 12 miles. There's a Red Roof Inn that's pretty reasonable right next to Woburn mall. My company has used them several times for putting employees up.... we have a showroom right up the street. Rates start at $59.00


    I't located close to rt 93 north...which you will have to take to get to Maine.

    There's several restaurants close by.


  • kazar

    You did a great photographic job Berengeria. It takes more than just a digital camera and good scenery....it don't mean a thing if it's not a good composition. That lighthouse is a truly spectacular shot!

  • coffee_black

    One more suggestion. Legal Seafood Test Kitchen. This is where they test new additions to Legal Seafood restaurants menu. It's small a small and trendy restaurant...but usually very crouded. Get a reservation, and be prepared to wait a bit...even with the reservation.

    Oh, and Anthony's Peir 4. It has seen better days, but the last time I was there it was good. It was a Boston institution for decades...but won't be there too much longer. the property has been sold, and a whole mixed use project with condos, shopping, offices has been designed... waiting for better economic conditions.


  • SixofNine

    Thanks so much for all the info, Coffee. Those last two sound like my kind of places, and that makes two recs on this thread for Legal Seafood. Glad my new way of eating allows for some surf if not much turf :) I'll take a look at Woburn for the hotel too.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Staying with Stephen King by any chance?

    Avoid any woman who looks like Kathy Bates. Just sayin'.

  • willyloman
    and that makes two recs on this thread for Legal Seafood

    And this makes three. I also second a visit to JFK Library. It's miles ahead of, say, the George W. Bush Library. You'll actually be inspired.

    You should try to get to the North End, lots of great Italian restaurants, one or more in every block, just follow your nose. Don't eat dessert, though. Walk over to Mikes' Pastries and buy cannoli. There's usually a line but it's worth it.

    p.s. We'll be there on Aug. 21, en route to the Cape. Will def stop at Mike's to lay in provisions.

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