JW’s are obsessed with persecution

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  • NewChapter

    Welcome Toscalive!

    LOL Bella--JW's bring on their own persecution through neutrality, but the "real" christians don't bring it on through displaying their crosses in public. I'm kind of amused. It's fun to watch groups claim they come by their persecution more honestly than other groups. Carry on.

  • kazar

    Wecome Toscalive. Looks like you already know the witnesses even though you are only studying with them. .

  • WontLeave

    Jesus told how his followers would be persecuted. The JWs fail miserably at the "love among yourselves" identifier, so they're grasping at straws to look like Christians. That's why they go around pissing people off, trying to be "persecuted". Since precious few JWs in the world are actually being persecuted, they have to make it up. Every "No thank you, I have my own religion" or attempt to tax their vast holdings are touted as persecution.

    Sure, there are a few third-world countries where individual JWs are attacked for being different. In areas where roving truckloads of AK47-toting thugs are using machetes to chop off the arms of pre-pubescent boys in neighboring villages so they won't be a problem later, it's kind of hard to compete for pity.

    Ironically, Jesus spoke more of persecution from within. The very people who were looking forward to Messiah are the ones who rejected him and his followers. The supposed believers - the ones you should least expect to oppose - have been the problem throughout the Bible and Christian history. In typical JW fashion, all scriptural warnings of apostasy from God and Christ, "leaven of the Pharisees", adherence to man-made lies, etc. are directed outward. They look everywhere for straws, while ignoring their own rafters.

  • i_drank_the_wine

    I always hated the persecution whores that vehemently clinged to the idea that everyone hates them because they are the only ones with the truth. Like, really? If they thought you had the only true way to live life, maybe they would join you instead of laughing at you.

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