JW’s are obsessed with persecution

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  • straightshooter

    For years I was told that persecution is coming and be prepared. It was like the end was also just around the corner. I guess it was to comfort jw who experienced problems with their unbelieving mates or from others. But I never had those issues. I was also told that if one was not hated by the world, then they are not a jw. Maybe that is what happened to me.

  • journey-on

    The mind f*ing games this religion plays is horrific for children. I remember being given a scenario where I was asked (as a small child) what I would do if a gun was held to my mother's head and I was given an ultimatum: "Renounce Jehovah or I will shoot your mother!"

    I still remember the horrible fear, doubt, and guilt because I knew in my heart of hearts I could not watch my mother die. Such a sad sick question to ask a child.


    In Watchtower World..

    A Persecuted JW..Is Good for WBT$ Advertising..

    A Dead JW is Even Better..


  • Isidore

    JW's equate persecution with anything that thwarts their door to door ministry. Real persecution is when people are gathered at church for Mass in Iraq or Eqypt and being blown up by a terrorist Islamic Jihadist for being Christian.

  • Toscalive

    Hi All,

    My first time here..I study with the witnesses..let me start by saying, they are nice but.....I go to the meetings & all they seem to be are pep rallys for Preach & Teach...so if you don't eventually you'll feel out of place or guilty. I wouldn't mind sharing the good news but I don't swallow all the stuff they are handing...like Jesus being Michael the Archangel...I have too many scriptures that I can point out to them that show he isn't....Yes, they are weary, that's why the lights in their eyes are out....they have been up & down my block since I moved there 5 yrs ago...the only person that comes from my block is...ME...& I was recruited by a sister at my job...didn't Jesus say dust off your feet & keep it moving....did he go back to the villages & towns to see if the word has taken effect...Everyone knows where the halls are...Why don't they flock to them..because it's the for everyone. They live in this world & have access to all the props of the gov. systems...welfare, SSI, Social Security...but talk down about them. That's like saying your friend has a dirty house but when you need a place to stay..you go to your friends dirty house...They only see the bad..& yes this world is in a mess. They talk about the Red Cross & all these agencies that they don't believe in but if they didn't exist..What would they do...would they get a helicopter & fly to New Orleans & rescue someone off a roof. Or rescue a dog from a river...no....none of the above. We are told not to judge..& they do & so do we all. Stop predicting & just do their thing...As I say I go to the hall...they are tired & weary & can't do enough...me...I'm just learning what God is really about. Then I will make my choice. I love them but it's too much...read the WT, the KM, all the books, the videos, the cd's, learn the songs, blah blah blah...Plus when & if I decide to date, I'm an older woman...& don't need no chaperone...this is where my no's mean no & my yes's mean yes...



  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Welcome Toscalive. Your observations are on point. Please keep reading through the forum.

  • james_woods

    The JWs are obsessed with persecution all right - the the legitimate fact is that they created the persecution themselves by obvious outward acts against society or government that have nothing to do with actual traditional christian religion.

    Malawi is a perfect example. Obtain the damn ID card - and get over it. But NOOOO - not the high and mighty ruling class of the JWs. The bible never even hints that you cannot accept a policital/governmental ID card.

    The jailing of Rutherford and the others is another famous example - they openly suggested anti-U.S. action by people in the military. Why not just shut up about it? The bible never even hints that you cannot be a soldier or go to war.

  • Bella15

    Funny thing is that first of all the bible refers to Israel and CHRISTIANS will be persecuted NOT JW's - they are not christians. Right now in middle east countries, Colombia, Mexico Chiapas, China, India, and many other countries, Christians are easy targets for persecution to the point of death because of the simbols - Cross, Churches, etc., JWs go under the radar as they do not use the cross, also when asked they denied being "christians" and tell the governments that they are not part of Christendom - you know how that thing goes. Most of the persecution JWs have experienced they have brought it unto themselves, blood, neutrality (with double standards and hypocresy depending on country), and now that I now how much they lie and manipulate information I wonder how many of those "experiences" we read in the yearbooks are true.

    I have also seen the on TV the FLDS guy and the people that belongs to that sect and defends him ,,, it reminds me of JWs. Same mindset ...definitevely we were brainwashed as JWs.

    Thank you GOD for set me free.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    I want to add my welcome also. Glad you found this sight.


  • sizemik

    The persecution complex runs even deeper when you line it up against their own blithe attitude toward the persecution of those leaving their religion . . . they call it "love"

    And may I add my welcome Toscalive . . . please take to heart the encouragement to evaluate by looking at sources outside of this religion

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