Father in law phoned over the riots in the UK.......

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  • watersprout

    So I was sitting down enjoying my evening and the phone rings... I picked it up and heard my FIL on the other end... I said ''hello'' and this was the reply ''Oh hello err err err um Sprout''... Ten years of marriage to his son and he still can't remember my name... He asked if anything was happening by me, I said no it's all quiet at the moment. He goes into detail as it's all kicking off by him and then proceeds to tell me that ''its' showing how close to the end this system is''... I immediately said that there were riots in the 60's and 70's to which he replied ''oh but not like this'' I said there has always been riots, it's just thugs thinking they can behave how they want. He didn't know what to say....

    Oh well, what can you do!!


  • sabastious

    And there will be thugs stealing random things in one place after another!


  • cantleave

    The riots in Brixton and Toxteth in 81 were just as bad! They spread across the country too.,

  • straightshooter

    Events can get out of hand rather fast. Especially when individuals have an opportunity to express their frustrations, but sadly to the harm of others.

  • watersprout
    And there will be thugs stealing random things in one place after another!

    LOL! Nowhere in the bible does it talk of thugs rioting as a sign of the times, unless you are in dubbie land!

    CL it shut him up when I answered back. Carrot never does and they trample all over him. Me?? I'm a mouthy little minx and don't give a shat what they think of me! When I passed the phone to Carrot I mouthed'' sign of the times''... He smiled and spoke to his dad. When he put the phone down I asked ''did your dad mention the rioting as a sign of the times?'' He said no and laughed as he couldn't believe his dad would pull that line on me! Must have been feeling a tad brave or forgot who he was talking to! Lol


  • watersprout

    Straightshooter it's really violent where my inlaws live. Luckily they live just outside the city being looted. Fingers crossed it calms down soo.


  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Dresden Germany during WW2 was a firestorm while being bombed to hell and mankind is still here.

    The Plaque wiped out millions mankind still here.

    Ypres Belgium during WW1 was totally destroyed mankind still here.

    There are countless numbers of other examples which happened throughout history and mankind is still here

    Its time the J Dubs woke up to the facts of history. If God needed to act he has had plenty of previous reasons to do so .

    God's Armageddon is conspicuous by its absence down the ages.

  • watersprout

    That is soo true Edmond. Mankind survived all those atrocities but according to dubbies the UK rioting will be mankinds demise.

    It's soo laughable, but also sad as the dubbies are clinging to every single ''upset'' in society as armageddon coming....


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Hiroshima, The Firebombings that killed far more, the Holocaust. Good perspective. My main problem was despite some very sad facts in my life related to the Witnesses, I always thought the world is rather good overall. I read that belief in the badness of creation itself is what allowed the Witnesses to deal better with the Holocaust than other targetted religions. Nazism fit so well into their world view.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    My MIL gave me the same routine and she lives in the safest place in Canada!

    She said this was all spreading all over the world and when I asked were else she couldn't tell me!

    I feel sorry for the old girl! Seriously I do, if she hadn't spent the last 50 years running in ever decreasing circles waiting for the end to arrive she would have made a great secretary!

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