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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    So there was a cross-over between Armstrong and Witnesses. Both are clearly cults. I was discussing how I grew up believing the Witnesses were a minority religion to be respected while now I see cult. He told me there are Scientology doctors and dentists in this area. I was stunned. He described how cripplingf family abuse is, and then the attraction of certainty and an instant family. I do recall the Moonies recruiting at Columbia. Some of the biggest professors on campus were lecturing and meeting students miles off campus at a retreat. If my mood had been slightly different that day, Wow - Moonies here I come. My loneliness was unbearable. Their foreign accents turned me off, plus their awkward clothing. Who would not be attracted to instant unconditinal love? There were no warnings about the Moonies.

    Within two weeks, a prof with strong ties to the CIA, wrote a lead article warning students about what happened and his lack of knowledge abou them. If he were sucked in, we could be sucked in deeper.

    My brother went from JW to Maoist, another instant family with a deep purpose.

    I still could use an unconditional love family.

  • talesin

    BOTR If we lived closer, I would be family for you ,, it's hard, I know..


  • Violia

    My dad used to get " the Plain truth" in the mail during my childhood. Mad's description of it is very accurate. I read it and liked it b/c it was so similar to jws doctrine. A lot of jws at that time thought he was an apostate b/c he got so close the "the truth". you see they felt only they had the ability to play with numbers and make predictions about false Armageddon and only they could discern false doctrines like hellfire and the trinity. It was one of the things from my childhood that gave me pause b/c I could clearly see that others could also read the Bible like Jws did.

    I also had a doc who was a 7th day adventist and he would often mix his role as doc and elder and shepherd me when I came in for medical visits. I liked him, he was a nice guy.

    The COG gained my respect when they came out and apologized for misleading so many folks and went back to mainstream Christianity.

    My all time favorite TV preacher has to be the guy who wore cowboy hats and smoked a big cigar. He would do what Glen Beck did and write on chalk boards and scream at those listening for money. He was a hoot. I loved to stay up late and watch him. I sort of felt like I had gone to a meeting after watching him. He married a much younger woman who now has taken over his ministry.

    For that matter, the church of Christ in my area don't believe dec 25 was Christ bd, how could they do this without jws to guide them?


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