Herbert W. Armstrong

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God reformed not too long after his death when the leaders got tired of being a cult and wanted to lead a mainstream Christian church instead. When they instituted those reforms, many hardcore old-school members were angry and splinter groups broke off. Today it is hard to tell a moderate mainstream "Church of God" from one of the cult-like splinter "Church of God" groups without digging into their local congregation to see exactly how they operate.

  • Quendi

    One curious fact about HWA's church was that the late Bobby Fisher, former world chess champion, was a member. And yes, the culture and tactics used by Armstrong sound all too familiar to this former Witness. Now that the movement has splintered into separate camps, one wonders what will happen next. Its history also shows that even people of high intelligence can be swept up into a cult if they feel it is meeting their emotional needs. Does anyone know how many members this church claimed at its height? And does anyone think the WTS will suffer a similar fate?


  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Armstrong was a Church of God - General Conference cast off. The doctrine is similar to Witness doctrine. They have the same roots, though there is considerable animosity on the part of COGGC. Armstrong borrowed from Church of God Seventh Day and other small age to come sects too. He was never a witness, but he was just as nuts.

  • the-illuminator81

    I hate seeing his face on jwfacts and jwn. Seems like we are somehow associating with him. Bah.

  • ziddina
    "Herbert Armstrong was a poorly educated man and had no formal Bible education, however he began to see how easily religion could be used to bring in millions of dollars. ..."

    Still Thinking, that sounds like an almost word-for-word description of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion...

  • sir82

    In time dissenters began to question the doctrines of the Armstrong's. Rather than honestly and intelligently debating their critics, the Armstrong's and many of the church hireling's resort

    to labeling them as evil or stupid, using name-calling, slander, condescending put-downs, personal slurs, accusations of bad motives, and casting aspersions on the critic's intelligence

    or sanity.

    Boy does that sound familiar!

    Just replace "Armstrong" with "Watchtower" and not one syllable has to be changed!

  • sir82
  • still thinking
    still thinking

    ziddina & sir82...same thing, different packaging.

    Obviously this is the religious recipe for success....

    How do you make lots of money and have a lavish lifestyle without having to work for it? Start a mind controlling religion...or any religion for that matter.

    Just remember, that like any pyramid selling, its the ones at the top that get the MOST benefit.

  • steve2

    In its heyday, before founder Armstrong's overdue death, their "premier" magazine was the seriously titled "The Plain Truth". I'd liken the magazine to Awake! on steroids. It was noted for its bold predictions about the coming end of world governments and over-confidently breezy theorizing on all things biblical. The text was often italicized and boldened for emphasis creating a kind of absurdly urgent tone. That it was put together by a bunch of intellectual dummies shouldn't surprise anyone with even one active brain cell. It peddled crap but brought in the large following and lots of money. Interesting that instead of the world governments coming to an end, Armstrong's empire did, splintering into numberless groups each claiming to be the true continuation of the Worldwide Church of God.

  • Honesty

    He wore very expensive suits and taught extremely false doctrines.

    I have relatives who left the JW's and joined his crazy cult.

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