There is one way to save the JW religion

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  • cptkirk

    stop referring to it as "the truth".

    "the world" is not going to turn on you because you are all great shining examples of human beings. if "the world" turns on you, it's because you are a dangerous cult.

    taze russell and rutherford were both NUTS. but "the light gets brighter"...the light was already bright, it's called the christian greek scriptures. you make it sound like you were starting a religion from scratch saying that...OOPS...did i just give away the secret? 2 crazy guys started a religion from scratch?...............

    it's as ridiculous as referring to the elks club members or the raccoon lodge from the honeymooners as "the truth".

    change "the truth" to, "a group of people trying to follow the teachings of christ". who knows, you might even grow in number if you do it. i'm guessing it would do away with a lot of the madness that goes on inside the org. because you demand this absolutism, without it, the members might not be such knuckleheads given some room to think on their own, within the org.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    That would do away their claim to be special, the sole reason for the it's existance.

    They might as well shut it down and donate the Kingdom Halls for recovery centres for victims of cults and their families.

  • OnTheWayOut

    "The Truth" is a cult thing. Why would people follow the ridiculous doctrines if it weren't the truth?

    Blood fractions: you can take but not give.

    Overlapping generations: give me a break.

    College is bad, beards are bad, pantsuits for women are bad, any slogan on a t-shirt to rake leaves or scrub toilets for WTS are bad: Gotta be the truth or else it's laughable.

  • jwfacts

    the light was already bright, it's called the christian greek scriptures.

    Great comment. The Watchtower indicates they are opening up and understanding of the Bible, whereas the New Testament shows that the sacred secret unknown in the Old Testament is the message given to the early Christians.

    Eph 6:19 also for me, that ability to speak may be given me with the opening of my mouth, with freeness of speech to make known the sacred secret of the good news

    Col 4:3 at the same time praying also for us, that God may open a door of utterance to us, to speak the sacred secret about the Christ, for which, in fact, I am in prison bonds;

  • moshe

    No Truth = no reason for shunning anyone who leaves the KH.

    JWs are JWs, because of the unique WT dogma that says you can live forever on a paradise Earth and never have to die a physical death- yes, if you become a JW you can cheat the grim reaper. As long as the WT can hang on to that teaching and convince JWs to believe in it, they can survive as a religion. But, if you take this core teaching away, then why be a JW? There are plenty of easier/friendlier religions that can promise you eternal life in heaven.

  • garyneal

    The other posters have nailed it. If it is not 'the truth' and other religions (particularly other churches) can be considered valid, why be a Jehovah's Witness?

  • cptkirk

    i always liked the fact that they had very clean/humble architecture. it gave off a subliminal message which said 'we put stock in the people'. i guess that isn't enough to run an entire religion off though :( some friends told me they went to bethel and it was different though, decadent. (those buildings will be used in the new system! that was the reasoning i was told....well those buildings are gone now i think, sold i believe)...more buildings meant to house king david and the like, gone yet again.

  • ABibleStudent

    Black Sheep - They might as well shut it down and donate the Kingdom Halls for recovery centres for victims of cults and their families.

    The WTBTS is a publishing and distribution corporation, which uses the guise of being a religion to dupe people searching for spirituality or a purpose in life. The WTBTS is no different than the Unification Church. It just may not be as controlling. I do believe that the WTBTS could change into a religion, but it would first have to admit its faults. I do remember how the Catholic Church survived the inquisitions and probably will survive after harboring pedophilic/abusive priests.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • shechaiyah

    In this generation, anyone who dares to claim they know what is true is subject to ridicule and defamation.

    "Truthers" WHO DO NOT stay in their walled-off Forum enclaves adhering to safe topics are hounded and cut off.

    There is no way to carry on a dialogue or conversation being granted ten posts a day.

    It all becomes a waste of time.

  • Twitch

    Lessee, joined 8 days ago, 10 posts a day limit = 80 posts possible max

    Post count by newbie complaining of limitations = 44 posts

    Probability of post limit not being reached on a daily basis, on average = high

    Probability of preaching and paranoid bitching to increase proportionally after 100 posts = high

    Personal satisfaction of being sarcastic at the expense of a trollish noob whiner = priceless

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